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A Wind Clan Keeper’s Guide to the Southern Hoot Owl Society

A Wind Clan Keeper’s Guide to the Southern Hoot Owl Society


How does one present a topic that is quite absurd, when you think about it . . . but yet deadly serious?   You paint the picture with a touch of humor.  Owls were very important animals to Native Americans, yet are hardly known by most folks living in the artificial illumination of cities and suburbs today.  Religiously and politically, owls can have very different meanings to those who hear their calls in the night time woods.  To the Creeks they are sacred animals and the icons of wisdom and vigilance. 

Bear with me on this unusual article.  At the end is some important information that could affect the safety of you and your family in coming weeks or months.  I was in New Orleans, immediately after Hurricane Katrina, and have seen how quickly civilization can collapse without electricity.  Also, keep in mind that a month before 9/11 I told my sister not to fly to Atlanta on September 9th because there was going to be terrorist attacks involving commercial airliners.  Knives were found hidden under the seats of the Delta jet that she would have flown in.


For many years, I pondered why the Creeks and Eastern Woodland tribes had such different concepts of the owl.  To the Creeks it was one of the most sacred animals and could not be hunted.  Creeks thought owls were some of the most beautiful birds. They believed that especially righteous people were given the option by the Master of Life to return as owl spirits to keep watch over their villages.  They would let out distinct sounds when human enemies or predatory animals tried to creep into the village at night.  That owls do.  If you listen carefully to the various species of owls, their sounds are different when calling to their mates and when warning of danger approaching in the darkness.

OwlRock2I now realize that the special status of the owl in the Creek Confederacy probably came from the Toa Arawaks, who were members of the Confederacy.  The Toas worshiped owls, put owl motifs on their pottery  and carved granite boulders in Georgia in the shape of owls.  The Toas in Cuba also carved massive stone owls.

In contrast, most tribes in Eastern North America are terrified of owls.  The are considered the omens of death.  I thought this superstition was something in the past, until 2010 when I was living in a tent in the North Carolina Mountains and saw Cherokees show a look of absolute terror in their faces, when they heard the hoot of an owl.  I said, “Cool, a barred owl!” but heard from the Cherokees moans, “Someone is going to die.”

Unfortunately, there is another perception of the owl that few civilized people in the United States know about. FBI agents have become so detached from American society by their high salaries, office desks and bureaucratic protocol, that they don’t know diddlysquat about what’s really going on in our society.  The 9/11 terrorists attacks are proof of that.  It was originally called the Southern Hoot Owl Society.

The Southern Hoot Owl Society

SONY DSCDuring the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War, gentleman planters formed the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.  Crackers formed less structured groups to terrorize former slaves, carpetbaggers, Southerners that they viewed as “tax and spend libruls”   and men who stole their girlfriends away from them.   These groups wore dark clothes and began developing the skills necessary to move about the woods at night.  They used bird calls to communicate in the dark.  They soon learned that both African Americans and Native Americans seemed to be terrified of owl calls.

The owl hoots soon became their calling cards.  They would creep up to rural cabins in the night to let their victims know that very bad things were about to happen to them.  Soon just making the owl calls would be sufficient terror tactics to keep non-Crackers in line. Bullying other peoples made the white trash feel important.  These compensated for the disdain that the Bourbons (planter aristocracy) had for them.  It was an identical situation to the last 16 years in which a wide economic gulf has developed between those who hold most of the wealth and the majority of people, who are struggling to make ends meet.

Yes, I realize that the idea of rednecks running around in the woods at night making owl sounds is hilarious, but it really happened and still does happen.  You will find out why.

During the twentieth century the hoot owl societies died out, until the 1980s when the Reagan Administration quietly re-created the state militia system, known as the State Defense Forces.  They are under the control of state governments, not the Department of Defense. Very few people in the national media knew about this program.  Federal funds were used to train and equip local volunteer groups, composed of men, who wanted to play Rambo.  In some areas of the South these units quickly became government funded training programs for white domestic terrorists.  In those racist units, the traditions of the Hoot Owl Society were resurrected.  Preadolescent boys are given a sense of belonging and given extensive experience in night time navigation through the woods, plus are taught how to make the hoot owl sounds and shoot military weapons.

Fast forward to 2010 

owl-3Beginning in 1999, some very wealthy, but quite insane gay, Republican oligarchs made my life living hell.  They had decided that the Horned Serpent had given them so much power that they could change the sexual orientation and social values of anyone. Unfortunately for me, they decided to use me as a guinea pig in their evil schemes.  They controlled the state police agencies in Georgia and North Carolina and also some quasi-professional federal law enforcement officers.  GBI and state highway patrol officers frequently called up architecture clients and women I was about to date to tell them I was a serial killer, homosexual or child molester.  When that didn’t work, uniformed and grinning state highway patrol officers would stand by our tables at restaurants, while I was on a date.  They put a ludicrous bio on me in the Georgia Crime Information System, which stated that I had served two prison terms and was a dangerous, violent sexual predator.  Two weeks after the Assistant Director of the GCIS removed the false information, his two parents were murdered in their sleep.  He soon retired from the agency at age 34.

The whole thing about me being given three days notice before being evicted on Christmas Eve was intended to so screw up my head  that I would fall into the arms of any gay man, who would give me food and shelter.  The whole time that I was in Western North Carolina, I was constantly stalked by weird, effeminate old men carrying little white foo-foo dogs.   Somehow in their warped minds, these gay Republicans thought that since I liked farm dogs, that I would be attracted to rich weirdos carrying poodles.  The gay guys stalking me also did some weird things that were so weird that I didn’t even know what they meant.

Owl-2When that didn’t work, the Hoot Owl Society was called in.  This is when it finally got funny.  Rogue federal law officers told local militia and neo-nazi units that I was “an old gay Injun, who was a male prostitute.”  The wannabe Rambos envisioned me as some old helpless city slicker, who was terrified of the wilderness and shrunken up into a heap of arthritic bones.   Thinking that I had the same fear of owls that Cherokees did, they would always make their hoot sounds with mechanical devices as they were approaching my cabin above Fontana Lake or later at camp sites in the national forest.  Of course, being Creek I was not afraid of owls and  immediately recognized the fake bird sounds.

I could do even better hoots with my mouth. * They used the hoots to communicate with each other.  I started providing my own hoots to lure them into ambushes.  Ninja nerds have very limited vocabularies in such situations, mainly consisting of “Jaysus” and “Mama.”  

*When traveling alone on foot in Central America,  I would make the sounds of a jaguar or a quetzal to scare off strangers, who I suspected to be Marxist guerillas or bandits.  The Navy only allowed me to carry a K-bar knife.

So . . . turning sikuya hvtke hunters into the hunted was found to be therapeutic way of forgetting that I was homeless and penniless.   Don’t try that experiment at home, however.


We’uns jest can’t believe that anyone votes for Democrats anymore.  All us smart folks have joined the White Patriot Party


The regret I have

In retrospect,  I have one major regret from that decade of horrors.  If the nation or region gets into precarious situation, don’t make the same mistake yourself. I was too nice and too professional. You can’t do that anymore.  Too many Southern whites in the past 16 years have become evil, sadistic creatures without a soul or much of a brain.

At the time, I was afraid of appearing controversial and therefore losing architecture clients. When rogue Georgia state cops broke every law in the books to destroy my architecture practice and keep me from having a wife and family, I should have sued their evil pants off  and paraded them naked on national television. 

When rightwing white trash harassed me, I just smiled and walked away.  I forgot that these were the same people, who raped and lynched by grandmother’s sister, plus earlier stole our lands and sent the ancestors of many of you on the Trail of Tears. 

If you back off when rightwing white trash hassles you, they perceive it as a weakness and will come back and harass you even more later.  I think what irritated me the most were these women (total strangers) who would come up to me over and over again in stores and say, “I can’t believe that anybody still votes for Democrats anymore.”   Actually, I always vote a split ticket among several parties.  

The white trash women started it up again here in Dahlonega.  I was having a bad day and so finally unloaded on one of them.  I yelled back, “Get out of my way you stupid, white trash Nazi sow.  May your children turn to puss before your eyes. ”  The Nazi woman ran away flapping her arms like a chicken and gasping for breath. They have never bothered me again.  

Of course, now anytime a snot nosed mini-white trash gets a boil in a 30 mile radius, they blame it on “that mean Injun over yonder.”  LOL However, white trash rightwingers don’t mess with mean Injuns.  A lesson learned. 

Getting to the seriousness of the current situation

I am not particular fond of either major party candidate for president, so this is not partisan propaganda. For some time, the Boss Hogg’s have been manipulating blue collar Southerners into the same insanity that brought about the first American Civil War.  First, if anything happened in the world, it was blamed on President Obama.   The stupid whites here in the Southeast ares being brain-washed yet again by the very class of people who made them poor . . . an  identical situation to the Plantation South of the 1860s.

What disturbs me more is that traitors have infiltrated the ranks of Camp Frank Merrill – the Army Ranger Mountain training facility here.  Through subtle peer pressure they are convincing the rangers to commit treason and sedition against the people of the United States, if Hillary Clinton is elected president.  I don’t have any specific intel for state law enforcement officers, but you know those sadistic, rightwing perverts, who made my life miserable for 10 years, would betray their country in a heartbeat.  If you recall, Southern politicians seceded their states after Lincoln was elected.  Most people don’t know today that the majority of voters in the South, Georgia included, voted AGAINST secession, but all paid a horrific price for the corruption in their legislative bodies.

The neo-Nazi’s are training for is a complete shutdown of the power grid.  I assume this will occur via some false flag sabotage of power plants or transformers. I have noticed that the rehearsals for the participants in the “Great Rebellion” have increased in frequency.  All these thousands and thousands of white males, trained in night time maneuvers over the past 35 years will be launched against Middle Class suburbanites and minority families to turn their nights into nightmares.

Most Americans today are terrified of the dark and go bananas when there is no electricity.   I lived for a year off the grid and got used to only having electricity from portable solar panels and hand-generated devices.  However, what the oligarchs expect to happen is the majority of Americans to quickly become irrational without electricity and soon demand an authoritarian, militaristic, rightwing government to restore order.  However, what would more likely to happen next would be a French Revolution type of chaos in which those with wealth would lose everything as happened to white Southerners in the first American Civil War. A disproportionate number of combat veterans in the United States are African American, Native American and Latin American.

Who knows what the future holds?  Just because some mentally ill, greedy, rich people want something to happen, doesn’t mean it will happen.  Sixteen years later, I’z still likes womenz!  LOL   Nevertheless, these are some key things that Native American households should have on hand:

  1.  At least a week’s supply of bottled water
  2. Week’s supply of non-perishable foods
  3. Picnic coolers and a bag of ices in your freezer
  4.  Large, military-quality first aid kits
  5.  Tent and sleeping bags adequate for winter weather
  6. Winter coats, gloves, caps – packed and ready to go
  7. Poncho type outdoor rain gear
  8. Hiking shoes and waterproof boots
  9.  Camping stove with a week’s supply of propane bottles
  10. Outdoor cooking ware and plates – you can buy sets.
  11. Alternative means of cooking over wood, if no propane is available.
  12. Hand cranked generator lanterns and flashlights.
  13. Hand cranked generator emergency radio
  14. Solar battery charger for cellular phone, flashlights and calculators.
  15. Axe and hand saw for getting firewood
  16.  Water proof camping bags for carrying clean and dirty clothes
  17. Plastic containers for washing cookware outside.
  18. Bucket for hauling water from springs
  19. Survival knife that can be used as weapon
  20. Rope for clothes line, plus clothes pins
  21. Fishing gear if living near ocean, river or lakes.
  22. Firearm –  22 Magnum Long Rifle is an ideal survival gun*
  • I like the semi-automatic 22 Magnum Long Rifle because the ammunition is cheap and the gun is simple to clean and repair, yet it will bring down most small game.  In a firefight in dense woods, high caliber assault rifles are of minimal advantage.  Their ammunition is very expensive and they are more likely to jam in rainy weather.
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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    Most excellent article Richard. Living in hurricane country Florida we already do much of what you suggest. May I add some to your list… 1 — Really good updated map of your area as you never know when you may have to leave & need to find an alternate route out. This includes a good navigational chart if going somewhere by boat. 2 — Cash money, those plastic cards won’t work without power. Get smaller dominations, too many places won’t be able to change big bills. Stash numbers one & two in waterproof plastic. 3 — Keep your vehicle in good working order & a couple of three gallon gas cans for extra gas is a good idea. Not to be sounding paranoid but this may not end well no matter which one of the two gets elected. I know perfectly normal folks who are scared to death of both of them, some ready to leave the country. I haven’t heard stuff like this since the height of the Vietnam War mess & my brothers got their draft cards & my ex-Navy dad was ready to head his family to Canada, Belize, or Australia. He was deadly in earnest & only my Granny raising Hell stopped us from going. Everyone of my relatives & their friends in Texas are armed & getting ready for something. My brothers in laws have got their ranch ready & a large enough boat to leave the country by if things as they say get really bad. My nephew has a boogey bag for himself & family ready. They are all really scared out there & in Oklahoma too my cousin says. This is what is not making the news. Lets all keep our heads & pray saner heads will prevail.

    • I don’t have good feelings about the situation either . . . as you can tell. I think that the people in both parties, who are most qualified to provide sane leadership for our country did not run because of the vast amount of money required.


    Hi Richard;
    I have followed your articles regarding our Southeastern Native history for years now. It’s study has been a life-long passion and I find most of your research and evolving conclusions to be logical and enlightening. Too much has been lost which can never truly be regained, but I applaud you and the POOF for your unending struggle to bring these lost truths to light.
    However, I find the comments regarding our current southeastern neighbors as being “White-Trash”, “Crackers”, “Nazis” “Stupid Whites” and worse to be harsh, off-putting and beneath the dignity of the mission to which you aspire. How can you hope to gain support for POOF and it’s efforts when you meticulously alienate your readers with blanket statements of racial hatred and disdain?
    Our world needs researchers and academicians who are willing and eager to challenge the status-quo, but what we don’t need is the divisive name-calling and insults, there is far too much of that out there already.
    Please consider that your words have the equal ability to belittle and alienate as they do to engage and inspire.
    Thanks again for your hard work, time and sacrifices made in the pursuit our lost heritage.

    • How dare you! You the audacity to call me racist. I never attack or bother anybody, but I have endured 17 years of non-stop attacks on myself, my dogs, my computer and my car by Caucasian neo-nazi’s, who were total strangers. They always attack in gangs like coyotes. Six years ago, I had half my teeth knocked out by baseball bats, while I was sleeping in a tent in North Carolina, because someone told the local trash that I was “an old gay Injun.” They probably thought they had killed me, but I had quilts around my head to stay warm in the sub-freezing weather. I am neither a homosexual nor elderly . . . but even if it was true, the attack showed that those involved were insane monsters.

      You must be confused. I am not a politician, and don’t give a flying flip whether people like you or them “support” me or not. This is a research and educational website for Native American descendants.

      If you defend these evil people, God will judge you to be their peer . . . and you will spend eternity in Hell with them.

      When people are obsessed with trying to harass, injure and bully strangers, who have done them no harm, just to prove their manhood . . . or whatever . . . they are trash, vermin and everything else I said.


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