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Alphabet labeled “Creek” appears to be Uchee or Bronze Age letters

Alphabet labeled “Creek” appears to be Uchee or Bronze Age letters


In an article published on December 18, 2016 in the People of One Fire, we presented a mysterious document on the web that was labeled “Creek writing found in Georgia.”    It did not seem to match the 1735 description of the Apalache-Creek writing system, which British scholars described as “peculiar red and white characters, unlike any known writing system in the world.”  Since the Apalache were vassals of the Itsate for several hundred years, their writing system is more likely to have resembled Post Classic Itza Maya script.

The image presented may be reversed.  However, several Bronze Age writing systems did write from right to left and left to write in alternating lines.  Without knowing what language the letters represent, it is difficult to extrapolate more factual information from the document.

Analysis by several People of One Fire readers suggests that this alphabet most closely matches a writing system, used during the Bronze Age in Southwestern Iberia and on the Atlantic Coast of France.  This alphabet evolved from the earliest Phoenician alphabet, but has more letters than Phoenician. 

The Uchee claim to have come from the “Home of the Sun” and crossed the Atlantic to land in the region near the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers in Georgia.  Therefore, this writing system is most likely associated with the Uchees, not the Highland Apalache or their descendant, the Creek Indians.

Below are the same letters as above, but reversed.


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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    Richard, Another Amazing discovery!!! by the People of new fire. Congratulations!!! And a Happy New Year!!!


    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Some of what you have uncovered strangely co insides with my uncle verbal stories ggmother wished to pass down. But, to be kept as skeleton in closet. She said she was part her mother fullblood. Yet her sisters daughter(80) does not show typical indigenious dna? Her father passed his bonnett to a susposed adopted full blood son documented cencus from the frontier ft. C… on Mississippi. Prevented from Marriage because to close related she married a Grimsley later I was not yet directly but because Levi Todd was a relative of Mary Ann Todd (Lincoln) and I recognized it from my husbands ancesteral relation and to her. I have the connection through him as being an Uncle, but not the female connection.
    My Uncle and my fathers ggm (whos only name for her mother was given cnsus Morgan or Moran) lived to be 102. They all lived to be close to if not over100 yoa.
    This being a complicating factor I thought I was missing generation’s spaning 4 centuries in 3 generation’s.But, the secrets they kept.
    I am still wondering if the dna is in the male linage. I was given a picture I lost of my g father( who died when my father was 5 yoa) with a friend. I thought the friend was my grandfather. Until given the picture back( from brother I had sent all family pictures to) because did not know who was in pic. I realized pic was of Miss Hill my first school principal Brother the man I thought was my g father the at ground breaking for the school flagpole base. The darkskinned man after cleaning the dust off the old brownie pic. Evident were the copper undertones of not a negro but as man whose features I had looked several times at the picture. Well dress and dignified nose as Miss Hill described my gfather always wearing long sleeves because he tanned so dark. The spitting classic image of a person looking of full Seminole Blood. Remenessing. after my father died I looked at the picture and realized. Why we were often mistaken for spanish or questioned by a Cicilian friend.. about being Italian or Melugeon. I did not know what that meant.
    I even ran across people who worked for my father who would become very dark in the sun. As I do. And often I am told I look indigenious my uncle said I resemble his gmother. There is also a genetic absence of secondary incisors and retention of decedious without permanent behind. My orthodontist questioned my ethnic background for his study I gave permission for more xrays and he said my jaw facial bones teeth rooted all way up and this was consistent with eastern indigenious tribes. He was one of best orthodontics and worked w USF. First orthodontics on a dog ????. My gfather, I know there are other pics of him but have not found g children from the prior wife my uncles mother who died when he was small. He kept his ggmother company and she told him things. I even called back in the 90s when heard were looking further up river because found the village up river from the larger settlement and said was told descendents were fron Eno and had moved to the mouth of river they lived behind the horses head. Could not be seen so had own little laguoon. before crossing then moving on Island for better fishing and protection.
    Even told who was trying to keep records on his apple that needed to use an IBM interface. At that time we were modulators for WWW and later inhereted solely, my spouce was dying and I could not see inheriting sole responsibility for www other than our Juno net link he would stay as modulator. So consortium was delegated out of those who were either links or had links contigent to security and modulation to perpetuate WWW as free, non partisian public domain, free speech and expression art. The potential for abuse of the links we had brought together we to horrendious not to be a public domain. An the need for the consortium as modulation etc.. We tried to warn.No one would listen. Never intended for…Not.. a political fake news propaganda tool. The weki leaks. He went about it wrong.
    Please continue your studies. A niece of my gggmother poo poos things told to me you come up with.
    Another thing I have noticed is when younger more obvious buy an exotic ( I guess it is called) look of eyes… to some including my brother. brother gson etc.. Their is no known asian nor Polynesian descent and the skin has dusky color without sun. ggggfather a patriot I traced back born VA his father I think w. Roan Oaknearby Natural Bridge area was what I was told. gggfather patriot and war 1812 captured gunner released by Layfette. Came back to So C. his Cabin occupied rode with Cherokee (riders?).
    I had forever thought B.S. because did not realize gparents were longevity was around 100 y.o.a. I was told I was crazy. But Uncle confirmed to published pics that I saw Smithsonian took. One is circulating on line as unknown Cherokee when gggmother (deceased1926 @102)was young.

    • As far as the DNA thing goes . . . all DNA tests for Native American ancestry are now at least partially invalid. It has been discovered that Native Americans ARE NOT descended from East Asians, but from the intermarriage of Asians with Europeans. Furthermore, full blooded Uchees (Yuchi) are showing up with very little NA DNA but very closely related to the pre-Caucasian people in Europe such as the Saami (Lapps) of northern Scandinavia. Everything is changing.


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