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Standards for submittable articles, research reports, maps and drawings

All members may submit articles, research reports, maps or drawings that they have personally created to the web site for the education of others. Papers written by elementary, middle school and high school students will be accepted, if compliant with the People of One Fire’s standards of research.

All translations of Native American words must be verifiable by published dictionaries, glossaries or historical archives. Verification by a Native America speaker of said language may be substituted, if no dictionaries exist.

Submittal of such documents that were produced or copyrighted by third parties must have the approval of said third parties, unless part of historical archives. (In writing to Webmaster)

Articles based on new scientific analysis of evidence are encouraged. Papers that are based solely on the opinions of other contemporary persons will be rejected. In other words, the typical academic papers that are merely regurgitation of opinions and research of others will not be accepted for posting on the website.

Only scientific testing, translations based on published dictionaries or glossaries, analysis of historic maps, historical archives or eyewitness accounts can establish “facts” in People of One Fire articles.

All opinions of contemporary or post-Indian Removal Period scholars must be described as theories.

It is not necessary to provide formal footnotes or evidence of peer review. Authors are encouraged, however, to discuss the source of their information within the body of the text.

Contact the editor of POOF via email at to ask more questions about submitting an article or actually submitting an article.

You will be asked for your full name and address by our editor, however, no addresses will be published on the site. These are for our verification that this is your article. All pages published on People of One Fire will have our copyright with authorship given to the user. The presence of our copyright on the page does not preclude your ownership of the article or material, nor does it give us any further re-publish rights that we do not expressly request of you.

We accept all types of images, but if you are submitting a paper for consideration, that should be in Word or plain text.  A short bio (2-4) short paragraphs would be nice, it gives the reader a chance to know more about you.  Thanks!!


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