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Author: Richard Thornton

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 POOF Research Project . . . Pre-1700 AD Mound & Stone Architecture Survey of the Nacoochee and Soque Valleys

  The Apalache Research Foundation, now based in the Nacoochee Valley, is seeking volunteers to help map the hundreds of ancient archaeological sites in the Chattahoochee and Soque Headwaters Area. In 1939, archaeologist Robert Wauchope, documented several dozen village sites within the bottomlands of the Nacoochee Valley, but did not explore the rugged lands elsewhere in Habersham and White Counties.   Copies of our map, photos and GPS coordinates will be given to county and state officials. This region has been continuously occupied by mankind since the Ice Age.  Archaeologist Robert Wauchope found 35 Clovis Points, dating from around 10,000...

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Once upon a time at a Chevy Chase Christmas Party

  Oh!  Did I mention that the top executives of the Smithsonian Institute and National Geographic Society were there? Uh . . .  there was also ambassadors, university professors and some senior columnists with the Washington Post! Long, long ago in a land faraway,  National Geographic Magazine Staff Archaeologist and Senior Editor, George Stuart, hooked me up with his friends.   His friends happened to be the intellectual elite of Washington, DC. They were not the financial elite, but were at the highest tier, where people actually worked for a living.  Several of his friends at National Geo, the Smithsonian...

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News Update: Quapaw and Mandan were at Ocmulgee!

  It is obvious now that Ocmulgee National Monument was a constantly evolving, multi-ethnic conurbation 38 miles long. By reverse-engineering the chain of poorly researched speculations, made through the decades made by ethnocentric Midwestern and Northeastern anthropology professors, I was able to get back to the parent tribe in South Carolina, which spawned the various Dheghian and Chiwere Siouan Tribes . . . now living in the Great Plains, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  What these professors did repeatedly was take Anglicized Proto-Siouan, Muskogean and Itza Maya words then interpret them as a word in whatever Algonquian tribe was nearest...

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Example of why doing Native American history research is so difficult

  Thanks to Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Florence, I have time to finally finish the video on the Kusa (Kaushe in Creek) People.  They became the core of the Upper Creeks, but even the Upper Creeks in Oklahoma have no clue who their ancestors really were or what their name means. Getting scientific information from anthropology books, professional papers and websites such as Wikipedia is like chopping through a rain forest with the sun only rarely shinning.  So, so many academicians have been brainwashed into thinking that just because one quotes an authority figure, it must be true.   They...

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Waitaha . . . example of how occult bureaucrats and archaeologists bury the past

  We really don’t know who built the ancient enigmatic stone structures in New Zealand and the Southern Highlands of the United States. They are almost identical as are many of the petroglyphs in the two widely separated regions.   However, for an alliance of government bureaucrats and some anthropology professors to pretend that they don’t exist is a situation beyond academic fraud. First, let me remind new POOF readers that there are many myths floating around these days concerning “red haired people” and “chickens in South America” so please ignore inaccurate statements made by some anonymous authors in Wikipedia ...

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Ancient, Pre-Maori stone temple in New Zealand

  This archaeological (or geological) zone is located near the center of the North Island in New Zealand.  The Kaimanawa Stone structure is constructed of rectangular rhyolite stone blocks that were hauled from a considerable distance.  An amusing part of this short documentary is when an official spokesman for New Zealand’s current government grinned as he told the reporter that the stone structure is obviously natural.  He neglected to mention that there are no rhyolite deposits in that part of New Zealand.  Rhyolite is an igneous rock produced by a special type of lava. Rhyolite volcanoes are too violent...

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How “Deliverance” changed the way that we play

  Creek men and women joke that we were out wandering through the woods as soon as we could walk.  Learning how to wear shoes came later!  My “later” came at age 10 when I stepped, barefoot, on a broken Coca Cola bottle.  However, that was not how most people in the United States played and lived before 1972,  when “Deliverance” was released to the world. Part Five of the Series on “Deliverance” and the enigma of Burt Reynolds (Includes excerpts taken from © The Lord of Cumberland by Richard L. Thornton) Journalists, movie-reviewers and bloggers today just don’t...

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Was Burt Reynolds a Melungeon? . . . a surprising resemblance to actor, Omar Sharif

  Part Four of the series on Burt Reynolds and the movie, Deliverance Google facial recognition algorithms clustered photos of Omar Sharif and Burt Reynolds. In Part Three, readers learned that throughout much of his life, Burt Reynolds had claimed that he was either 1/4th Seminole or 1/4th Cherokee.  These were both bogus claims that were exposed late in his life.   His last name was English, but neither of his official parents looked Anglo-American or had his black hair color and tan skin tone.  In fact, he had very little resemblance to his official parents.  They had Sephardic Dutch...

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Will the real Burt Reynolds please stand up?

  Burton Leon Reynolds, Jr. February 11, 1936 ~ September 6, 2018 We will be looking at Actor Burt Reynolds from a Native American perspective in this third article of our series.   You are in for some surprises. For many years, Reynolds claimed that his father was half Cherokee.  As you will see below, his father does not look either Cherokee or Anglo-American.  Burt got his start in acting, playing Native Americans.  How much Native American ancestry he really had (if any) and which tribe, he was descended from, remained a mystery all of his life.  In fact, there...

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Photos of Ye Olde Chicken House Research Center

  Luxurious accommodations made possible the discovery of the Mayas in Georgia! This is where I was living in 2011, when I stumbled upon the nearby Track Rock Terrace Complex.   The chicken house office was about the size of a one car garage.  We slept on a inflated mattress on a concrete slab.  The Three Canine Musketeers were most welcome bed partners, since the winter nights were bitter cold inside the concrete block structure.  My only furniture was a fold-up table from Walmart, where I parked my computer, and a $15 Dollar General chair. Thought readers would be amused...

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