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Author: Richard Thornton

Atlanta’s leaders are right . . . Don’t erase the Old South’s history!

  A editorial opinion based on my perspective as a professional architect, city planner and urban designer A city without history is like a zombie with amnesia . . . lost in time and space. Textbooks in the United States are not telling the true and complete history of the “Old South” . . . just caricatures of a handful of politicians and generals, who are also seen in the statues that dot cityscapes.  The textbooks are saying too little about the people’s history.  Thus, demagogues, with aspirations of being America’s Hitler, are able to attract masses of Southerners...

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Update: Bronze Age research appears to be headed toward an astonishing discovery

  POOF cannot mention this British scholar’s name right now, but his initial findings will “blow you away.” Life is indeed a box of chocolates.  Had not US Naval Intelligence not asked me to make contact with several Maya separatist and insurgent groups in Chiapas State, Mexico and southern Guatemala, while on my fellowship,  I probably would have never recognized the significance of the Track Rock Terrace Complex.  The Itza, Lake Atitlan and Kekchi Maya terrace complexes were not on the syllabus approved by my mentor, Dr. Román Piña Chán.   They are still not tourist attractions. The same thing...

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Who built the stone cairns in the Southern Highlands?

  A civic leader in Douglas County, Georgia (SW Metro Atlanta) wrote the famous canine archaeologist, Rob Roy McGregor, with a common question . . . “Who built the stone cairns in the Southeast?”   Douglas County politicians have done almost nothing to protect the many Native American heritage sites in her county and she is trying to save a cairn complex near her neighborhood.  The neighborhood group retained an archaeologist to study the site, but the academician essentially told them nothing. The archaeologist stated that no one knew much about stone cairns and archaeologists were not even certain that...

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News: Science Magazine now supports belief that most Native Americans came by boat

  For 15 years,  People of One Fire founding member and our expert on DNA, Ric Edwards, has been saying this. Edwards is also convinced that many of the immigrants came by boat from northwestern Siberia and northern Scandinavia. It is just as easy or easier to cross to the Americas from that direction.   Now people in the scientific community are listening.   An article in Science Magazine states, “Most archaeologists now believe that the majority of the ancestors of Native Americans came by boat and much earlier than 12,000 BC.”   What few academicians considered for many decades was that...

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Did Savannah begin 5,600 years ago as a port for the ships of Atlantis?

  At least, 2 man-made harbors, 4 earthen mounds and a 700 feet long shell mound adjoined the Bilbo Mound in Savannah.  Analysis of soil strata suggests that the Bilbo Mound began as a man-made island in a circular man-made port.  This is exactly the design of contemporary ports in Northwestern Europe, associated with the legend of Atlantis.   In November 2015,  People of One Fire readers were introduced to the Bilbo Mound in Savannah, GA.  It is the oldest known public architecture in North America, but is virtually unknown by both residents of Savannah and the archaeology profession...

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Who Lived in Northwest Georgia Before the Cherokees?

  PART TWO of the series on New Echota National Historic Landmark Close examination and interpolation of eyewitness accounts, historical maps and archaeological reports reveals that the region around New Echota National Historic Landmark was occupied by many ethnic groups . . . often at the same time.  There is solid proof that Europeans, probably French Huguenots and Spanish Jews, were living near the New Echota site as early as 1600 AD. New Echota was the planned capital of the new Cherokee Nation.  It was laid out in 1827. The public buildings were abandoned in 1832.  All houses in...

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A Potential Treasure Trove of Ice Age Fossils and Human Artifacts in Northwest Georgia

  Google blew it!  Its cartographers missed a water-filled crater a half mile long! Eons in the past a meteor or comet fragment broke up and struck what is now Northwest Georgia.  What remains today are something akin to Carolina Bays, but oriented to a roughly East-West alignment.  This pond is the largest, by far, of the depressions created by the impacts.  It is a half mile long and a third of a mile wide.   Note that pond is perfectly oval and that impact cut into the natural terrain on the northwest side of the pond.  This is not...

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The Secret History of New Echota . . . Part One

  It is the location of a town visited by De Soto and where some of Tristan de Luna’s men stayed for several weeks.  It is the location of the first Kansa (Kansas) town in Northwest Georgia. It is also a beautiful place in which mankind has been coming for 12,000 years.   During 2017,  research at the People of One Fire has been focused on the Native American history of Northeast Alabama, Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.  Readers have been provided one surprise after another.  Archaeologists in those regions decided at the end of the 1970s that they...

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Georgia archaeologists charged with planting 900 year old bones in Ohio site!

Breaking News!   Amicalola Falls, GA  (August 4, 2017) – Overnight,  a wave of FBI agents, wearing bullet proof vests, stormed into a compound deep within Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to arrest the Plum Nelly Bone Digging Gang, a notorious ring of internationally famous archaeologists, who have been leading the secret lives of Native American bone thieves.  The leader of the gang is Laird Rob Roy McGreggor . . . known to TV viewers around the world.  He has studied more Native American mounds than any other archaeologist in Georgia.  McGreggor and his accomplices have been charged with illegal...

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