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Believe As We Believe! Part Two

Believe As We Believe!  Part Two

The interpretation of history and opinions expressed in this article are by the author and do not necessarily reflect those of other subscribers of People of One Fire, the organization’s founders or the editorial staff of the People of One Fire educational website.  This guest editorial is being provided to the readers as an alternative perspective on history than currently is being provided by the mass media, religious propaganda web sites and both major American political parties.


Editor’s Preface:  Long, long ago in a land faraway I was a witness to a pivotal event of the 20th century . . . the beginning of a worldwide campaign of violence and murder by Islamic terrorists . . . a campaign that would last until this day.  Like in a scene at the beginning of Mission Impossible, that previous June I had signed an affidavit on a British Airways 747 flying to London, stating that I would tell no one for 20 years the real reason that I was in Europe . . . therefore, I could tell no one for 20 years why I happened to be in Munich, Germany instead of my employer’s office in Landskrona, Sweden on the second day of the terrorist attack.  

So many tragedies have happened since then.  Well over half the population of Europe and the United States has only known a series of wars and a legion of terrorist attacks . . . all in the name of religion.

For decades, I deluded myself into thinking that it was someone else’s problem, because I lived away from the major international cities, where the terrorists liked to attack.  Then one day, about 10 years ago an irate high school history teacher showed me a booklet that she had been issued by her school district called An Islamic History of America.  This booklet had been distributed to millions of American history teachers with Saudi Arabian oil money and on the frontispiece had the seal of the approval of the United States Department of Education. 

Among many things stated as fact was that the Americas had been discovered by an Arab explorer and he had converted all the Southeastern Indians to Islam.   Etowah Mounds was the ruins of a great mosque and the real name of the Creek Indians was the Mosque Indians.  According to the author, a Middle Eastern professor at Columbia University,  the English had forced the Mosque Indians to convert to Christianity then burned their great mosque.  The Mosque Indians were also forced to changed their name to Muskogee.  Christian archaeologists collaborated with the Christians, who ran the government,  to make people think that these ruins were pyramidal mounds.  

No one . . . no one . . . said a word publicly about the ludicrous contents of the booklet distributed to public schools all over the nation.  The United States has a long tradition of religious freedom in which it was a faux pas to criticize someone else’s religion.  Muslims around the world to this day assume that the book’s versions of history are true since the book was not banned and the author was not beheaded . . . which would have been the case if a Christian had written such a heretical history in a Muslim country. 

Three years later, after I began writing for the Examiner and was living in a chicken house near Track Rock Gap,  two Pakistani’s from Chicago sent me a long-winded email telling me that I should return to the one true faith of my Mosque Indian ancestors. What the Muslims do when they dispatch propaganda to Native Americans is wrap their lies with “Muslim holy phrases” from the Quran like . . . “Thus said Mohamed the True Prophet” or “Allah the True Source of All Peace,”  etc.  I initially responded that everything they said was Caca de Toro, but used the English words.  I then went into detail why it was Caca de Toro and told them that Native Americans were not interested in turning our land into a blood drenched pig stye like the Middle East.   They did not like my response and claimed that they were going to the FBI to have me arrested for violating their civil rights by insulting the One True Prophet, Mohamed.  I wrote back that if they converted to Christianity in Pakistan, they would be quickly executed.  Heard no more from them.


The little known, recent history of Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 under the authoritarian control of King Abdulaziz al Saud. He was a Muslim fundamentalist, who immediately banned all other forms of Islam.  However, Saudi Arabia’s boundaries had been created by Great Britain and France at the end of World War I. Over the repeated objections of President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, the former Ottoman Empire was carved up into British and French “spheres of influence. ”   Provinces that formerly contained only Coptic Christians, Maronite Christians, Armenian Christians, Assyrian Christians, Ba’hais, Kurds, Yazdies, Sunnis or Shiites were jammed into artificial nations.  The arrogance of Great Britain and France insured the “ethnic cleansing” of the  Christian minorities from the Middle East by the 21st century and unending strife in between.

The United States established full diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia in May of 1932 under the banner of combating Communism in the region.   Meanwhile, in back door deals arms were twisted to obtain lucrative contracts for American oil companies, Standard Oil of California in particular.  The Arab-American Oil Company  (ARAMCO) was created.

Iran was essentially occupied by the British military during World War II, as it was a critical source of oil for the British Navy and North African Royal Air Force bases.  At the conclusion of WWII, under the guise of combating Communism, the United States and England set up a puppet government in Iran and forced the Iranian government to sign oil contracts and leases that in essence turned over Iranian assets and resources to foreign powers. Over 200 slave laborers, utilized in foreign oil production, were killed in a revolt that occurred in 1946. 

Iranian Nationalist Dr. Mohemmad Mossadegh pleaded this case to the United Nations in New York City as well as personal meetings with President Harry Truman. In 1952 Mossadegh was elected Prime Minister and put into action numerous social reforms that included rights of women, peasants, and common laborers. The American government branded Mossadegh a “Communist” and in 1953 the C.I.A. launched ‘Operation AJAX.’ American and English secret intelligence agencies captured, tortured, and imprisoned Mossadegh until his death in 1967. As a warning to other anti-Colonialists, Foreign Minister Dr. Hossein Fatemi was arrested, tortured, and publically executed.

After Egypt and Syria invaded the Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights in 1973 (the Yom Kippur War), OPEC decided to punish the nations that supported Israel by cutting off oil supplies to the West. Rationing and long lines at the pump became common place. For the first time in our history, Congress actually put together an alternative, renewable energy plan. Prior to passage, Saudi Arabia ended the embargo and began supplying oil to the United States at rock bottom prices . . . the catch being termination of the alternative energy policy.

This is a great example of politicians placing their financial well being ahead of common sense and national security. Those well meaning renewable energy policies were never brought to a vote and died. When three years later, President Jimmy Carter tried to again implement a sane energy policy,  his efforts were torpedoed by powerful Republican and Democratic family dynasties, who were benefiting from the flow of wealth to Saudi Arabia.  Out of the entire planet, two nations did pursue and develop alternative, renewable energy resources: Brazil and Cuba.

Brazil developed the world’s first sustainable biofuel economy [Renewable Fuels Association, 2015; Special report on Global Biofuels, Budny & Sotero 2007] whose automobiles are powered by sugarcane. The car manufacturers in Brazil are the same auto producers in the United States, but we don’t have sugarcane powered vehicles because of the government’s strange relationship with Saudi Arabia.

When “green” organizations began demanding more fuel efficient American cars, the Republican Party, in particular, pushed corn (as a payback to Iowa, a state that holds the nation’s first political caucuses and sets the tone for the rest of the nation even though Iowa values are many times out of step with American values) as that alternative fuel source knowing full well corn is vastly more expensive to process and would fail. Fail it did as it was cost prohibitive and thus “proved” the U.S. should continue with oil imports.

The first “Islamic terrorist act” to garner the attention of the world occurred at the Munich Olympics in September 1972. Members of Black September, a radical faction within the Palestinian Liberation Organization,  carried out the attack.  No one was told that the leader of the commando squad was the son of Jewish and Christian parents.  The two individual terrorist cells were named after two Christian Palestinian villages that had been leveled by the Israeli Defense Forces in 1947.    Until then, most Americans thought of Muslims as belonging to a monotheistic “religion of peace” not very different from Judaism.  Now it was the Palestinians who were the bad guys.   We were told that Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the mushrooming of Islamic fundamentalist terrorist cells.

While in office, President George W.  Bush  consistently called Islam a “religion of peace”.  He was the same visionary that saw the “goodness” in Putin’s soul.  This was done for family economic reasons that will be discussed later.   President Barrack Obama refuses to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” for fear of offending “good Muslims” yet had no problem spearheading an Iranian nuclear treaty that did not include the release of Christian preacher Saeed Abedini of Boise, Idaho;  Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, former Marine and Amir Heckmati of Flint, Michigan*. Until recently Hillary Clinton remained politically correct regarding this issue, but had to break with administration policy when poll numbers of Sanders and Trump began to eclipse her own. 

* Note: they would later be released under a prisoner exchange deal.

During the 1970s the Bush family was adopted by the House of Saud.  This close economic relationship set into motion a national foreign policy founded on personal and business interests that did not benefit anyone else outside their family circles.

(Osama’s brother) Salem bin Laden’s American business interests were handled by Bush associate James Bath of Houston. who was part owner of the Bank of Commerce & Credit International with offices in 73 countries. In the 1980s this financial institution defrauded its depositors out of more than $10 billion due, in part, to money laundering, which included Islamic Terrorist organizations operating, in part, in Saudi Arabia [Boston Herald 11 December 2001].

Although 15/19 of the 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia (2 UAE, 1 Egypt, 1 Lebanon) not only did Bush have us invade Iraq, but he also allowed, on 9-11, 140 Saudi nationals, House of Saud and bin Laden family members to leave the United States on 8 separate aircraft before it became known of Saudi and bin-Laden involvement in the attacks on our country. When Michael Moore called for an investigation, he was accused of being a traitor.  Many Republicans, on national television, called for Moore to be tried for treason. [Michael Moore: “Fahrenheit 9/11;” Craig Unger: “House of Bush, House of Saud-the Secret Relationship between the World’s Most Powerful Dynasties;” historian Michelle Mairesse; French intelligence officers Jean Charles Brisard & Guillaume Dasquie: “Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy & the Failed Hunt for bin Laden].

It is evident that U.S. foreign policy, when it comes to Islam, the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia in particular have been co-mingled with personal business interests of the Bush family, later the Clintons, and now assumed by the current administration. Because of the Bush-House of Saud relationship, our foreign policy for that region, and in specific regards to Islam, is tainted.

Because of personal economic gain, we overlook serious human rights violations. A tragic case in point, Hillary Clinton’s campaign plank about being the ‘champion of women’s rights’ issues; yet, at the same time supporting repressive Islamic Middle Eastern regimes whose religious laws imprisons female victims of rape while there is no punishment for the men offenders. Clinton also alleges to be the ‘champion of Gay rights’ but, at the same time, supports repressive Islamic regimes that regularly execute homosexuals for the religious crime of being homosexuals.

This is the eighth year of imprisonment, in Iran, for religious prisoners known as “the Yaran”: Fariba Kamalabadi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Saeid Rezaie, Behrouz Tavakkoli, Vahid Tizfahm, Mahvash Sabet. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran’s largest religious minority, the Baha’i Faith, was outlawed. Bank accounts and properties were seized.  Religious sites, even Ba’hai cemeteries, were destroyed. Ba’hai students were expelled from schools.  Ba’hai workers, including doctors and professors, were fired. Many Baha’i religious leaders were imprisoned . . . with many being executed for the crime of believing a prophet came after Muhammad.

Perhaps the best known of those executed were the following women first imprisoned at Seppah Prison in Shiraz and later transferred to Adelabad Prison, also in Shiraz. They were: Mona Mahmudnizhad (17), Nusrat Yaldai (54), Izzat Janami Ishraqi (50) and her daughter Roya (23), Tahirah Siyavushi (32), Zarrin Muqimi (28), Shrin Dalvand (25), Akhtar Sabit (19), Simin Saberi (20), Mahsid Nirumand (28).  The women had been arrested for teaching a Sunday School class for Ba’hai children and for being Zionist agents.   The Zionist label was based on the fact that Ba’hai is legal in Israel and a large Ba’hai temple is located there.  The young women were repeated told that they would be freed, if they renounced Ba’hai and became Muslims.  However, by this time several of their parents had already been executed.

Mona Mahmudnizhad

Mona Mahmudnizhad

This is a tragic case of religious persecution for which I have personal knowledge. Northern Alabama resident Ruhi Jahanpour shared a cell with these women and gave the following interview to POOF: “We were forbidden to pray or have any interaction with the Muslim prisoners. If we were caught talking to each other, we were beaten. We were blindfolded and forced onto the floor with our feet elevated where they were struck with hoses and wood until they swelled to the point where we could not walk; but, they forced us to walk and when we collapsed, we were beaten some more. We had to cover our faces like the Muslim women; otherwise we were considered not to be reverent and beaten by the guards who mocked us and threatened to rape us.”

“Mona was a kind soul. Her favorite color was blue. Once she was given a piece of fruit about the size of a cherry. She divided it into 13 pieces whereas we could all have a portion.  Mahsid was also a kind soul. They knew they were going to die. She asked me to tell their story once I was released. Shortly after my release, they were all hanged on June 18, 1983.”    Mona, the People of One Fire is telling your story so NO Native American will ever be fooled as Islam now seeks to convert Native Americans to a Middle Eastern approach to controlling people.

Since the Qu’ran forbids the execution of virgins,  the prison administrators arranged for the unmarried girls and women to become second wives for prison guards.  Marriage ceremonies were performed in their cells.  Then as the Qu’ran was read ritually by mullahs present to verify that the girls were no long virgins, but still heretics,  they were gang-raped. 

The next morning, the women, still sore and bruised from the previous night’s ordeal, were loaded into a bus and hauled to a warehouse – the place of execution.  They sang hymns praising God as the rode in the bus . . . an act that un-nerved their guards.   Once in the warehouse, they were made to stand on a low wooden bench together.  The mullahs wanted the girls to watch each other die.   The nooses were placed on their neck in such a way to maximize the length time that they would be struggling for air.  Polypropylene plastic rope (like used on water ski ropes) was utilized so that their necks would be cut, while they were struggling.  After the executions, the surviving family members of the girls and women were sent marriage certificates and a box of chocolates, along with the death certificates . . . Attached was a bill for the rope.  The families had to pay for the ropes that murdered their daughters in order to retrieve the bodies.

The government of the United States and most of the nation’s political leaders over the past 30 years has tried to pretend that the repeated acts of mass murders are out of character with Islam and only recent aberrations of a long peaceful history.  Muslim leaders claim over and over again that the terrorists are not real Muslims.  “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance,” they protest.   Those are lies and no more true that claims that the Army troopers, who massacred so many helpless Lakotas at Wounded Knee, were not real Americans.

Ask the Armenians about the massacres of their people in the 1500s and 1600s and the holocaust that occurred in Turkey a century ago.  Since around 690 AD when the Muslims started the African slave trade, they have enslaved millions upon millions of people in Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.   Over 300,000 Anatolian Christians were enslaved in one week of one military campaign in Eastern Turkey in the late 1500s.  Until then the eastern half of Turkey was Christian.  The freedom to practice one’s religion in the United States is not the freedom to lie about history in order to gain new converts.  There will always be consequences.


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James Rhodes

Jim and Nina Rhodes have lived extraordinary lives that few Americans know about. Both have taught at the Oxford English Academy in Hanoi, Vietnam . . . but there is much more to the story than that. They played an extremely important role in the normalization of government relations between the United States and Vietnam . . . the two nations recently becoming, literally, allies! Jim in Alabama Creek and a leader of the KVWETV Creek tribe. He is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and still suffers terribly from exposure to Agent Orange. He served in the very dangerous Special Ops units, but very soon after the war ended, embarked on a personal diplomacy effort to make amends for past wrongs. He was initially in Vietnam when it was still illegal to do so. He is the only American and especially war veteran, to ever have worked for Bao Dien Tu - the government's on line daily newspaper; Quan Doi Nhan Dan - the Vietnamese army's on line daily newspaper; Vietnam Television International; Vietnam News Agency; Voice of Vietnam and VietNet. In recent years, he and Nina have been sent by the United States Department of State as goodwill ambassadors to Vietnam. They go into rural areas of the nation that few foreigners ever see to give the Vietnamese firsthand exposure to "real Americans" . . . if one can call their lives "regular".'

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  1. Geomath@bellsouth.neT'

    Perhaps the root of the myth lies in the personage of one of Alberto Nunez Cabeza de Vaca’s fellow survivors of the brief and futile Narvaez entrants in the early 1520’s, prior to DeSoto. Cant pull the name but he was a black North African presumed to be Muslim by some —with no proof of which I am aware. This fellow became adept at passing himself off as a mystic and conjurer and the Native Americans pretty much gave him a wide birth. It is safe to say that without his exploits the handful of survivors of the doomed Narvaez expedition never would have made it across the continent. The North African finally came to a gruesome end somewhere in Southern California when a group of Natives saw through his “magic act” and flayed him alive.

    • I think these people just made up a tall story, applied some religious words to it, and everybody believed them. The Middle Eastern PhD, who wrote the book, obviously knew nothing about the Southeastern Native Americans. Apparently, he visited Etowah Mounds while on a visit to Atlanta and decided to work it into his fairytale.


    Excellent information. Have tried repeatedly to share on Facebook, only to be told there was an error. A Political error!


    There was a Chinese expedition to North America in 1433-34, led by Admiral Zheng He, a Muslim. The expedition ended very badly, and that is why my Indians ancestors living in the southeast US DID NOT become Muslims. I know this because my wife, Laurie has dedicated her last 11 years to translating the record of that expedition and she is nearly finished.


    nobody is trying to convert native americans lol. maybe the writer needs to do as he suggested the non-native scholars do which is ask an actual person from the arabs or semites he so likes to assume share dna with native americans lol. solve the reservation and stolen land issues, then come and talk to the dinosaurs.


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