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Coming next – an entire book on the Taino People

Gene Waddell,  a retired professor from the College of Charleston has graciously given the People of One Fire his latest book to post on our website.  The Taino in 1492 is an anthropological landmark.  No attempt was made to...

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Trekking to Ocmulgee

Set in the colonial southeast during the 1700’s, ‘Trekking to Ocmulgee’ is more than just a historical fiction of a little known period of Native American and colonial conflict. It is also a coming of age story spiced with fantasy, filled with romance and suspense, drama and adventure, and peopled with characters struggling with the grim realities of the clash of Native American and colonial culture. More intimate saga than sprawling epic, ‘Spoken World’ weaves together Muskogee Creek myth, migration legends, and culture with historical events to spin a yarn of fantasy which reveals the rich tapestry of Creek Indian Ways.

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