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Category: Photography

Photo – An extraterrestrial mushroom

My cabin is near the two of the highest waterfalls, east of the Rockies and 150 yards from an early 19th century gold mine.  The 68 ” of rainfall each year and high gold content of the soil produce some spectacular...

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Track Rock Archaeological Zone

What is going on at Track Rock Gap? During the year since this enormous archaeological zone was first publicized, POOF has added hundreds of new subscribers. We will give all of you an overview about what is now known about the site and what isn’t known. Genetic and linguistic studies carried out in 2012 suggest that there are at least some Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Miccosukee and Koasati Indians today, who are the descendants of the builders of the Track Rock Terraces or its satellite towns in the Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee Mountains.

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