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Creek Leader, Semoice

Millard Peacock tells a story passed down through his family on the Creek leader, Semoice.

“This is what I have found thru the many years.”

Semoice, is first mentioned, could have been sooner, I just don’t know

During the “War of 1812-13 ” at Ft. Jackson in Wetumpka, Ala. Ft. Jackson was a old French Fort Toulouse, the name was changed to Ft. Jackson after Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson, had “Three Friendly Creek Indians” that were used as guides, Two Half breeds, Lynn (Leonard) McGhee, Samuel Smith and a Full blood Semoice.

Each were paid for their services a parcel of land, 640 acres. Semoice, got his land in Lower Clarke Co. Ala. at Hal’s Creek area, just across the Alabama River at Mt. Pleasant. His land was taken from him and sold to a half breed woman. Because it was a swamp and he couldn’t live on it. He tried to live on it but failed to do so.

Lynn McGhee, got his land at what is now Huxford and Poarch, Ala. it was called the “Head Waters of Perdido Creek”. The reservation, Hotel and Casino are there now.

On Samuel Smith, I don’t know where his land was, I think he was involved in the Ft. Mims mess, I think he died of his wounds. Not real sure at all on Samuel Smith.

Semoice, had four daughters, Hetty, Vicy (Vicy Foxy), Elizabeth and Betty or Betsy.

Hetty married a Lumbie Indian from the Pea Dee River area between N. and S. Carolina.

His name was William Dees. I sometime think the Pea Dee river got it’s name from the Dees that lived there. There are some still there today.

William Dees and Hetty Semoice, had two children, William Marshall Dees and Mary Jane Dees (M.J.)Mary Jane married a Qualls

I will go back to Semoices daughters, Vicy married a full blood, a Tom Tuxey, they had a dau. named Dolly. Dolly married a Thomley.

The Thomley’s had a son, he was over the group in N.W. Fla.

Elizabeth married a Qualls also, some call her Martha Elizabeth. Elizabeth moved down near the Fla. capital and then up near Cairo, Ga. I think she may be the one that started TAMA ind. res. near Cairo, Ga. she is buried there.

A lot of her kin moved to TX.

William Marshall Dees, after years of trying finally got 200 acres at what is now called Semirah Springs, Ala. just below Uriah, and up from Huxford. Semirah Springs was named after William Marshall Dees, for he was called Billy Semire after his grandpa Semoice.

William Marshall Dees was grandma’s dad.

William M. first married Mip Lattie McGhee, Lynn’s grand dau. they had about 5 kids only two survived. Mip Lattie, took sick and died.

William M. then married Ann E. (Elizabeth) Pace.

There was a large lumber mill in N.W. Fla. it was called Pace’s lumber, thus the name Pace, Fla. came to be.

Lynn’s father was a Scot. his mother a full blood Creek.

Lynn was a caretaker for David Tate (Another half breed) near Tensaw, Ala. He tended horses for David. David was like William Weatherford (Red Eagle) – they were traders. They took Indian items from the Ala. River near Boat Yard Lake area and went overland to Pensacola, to trade with the French and Spanish. Both Red Eagle and David Tate had slaves.

Lynn, lived with one of David Tate’s slaves and had about five children thus the McGhee line.

William Marshall had a half bro. named Thomas Henderson Dees/Smith, both served in the Civil War.

Pls. note. the only reason Poarch got federal status, was because of Semoice and bussing of the school kids.

Bussing of the school kids started it all.

The schools of Atmore, refused to pick the kids up, so they got together, sued the schools, city of Atmore, Escambia Co. the State of Ala. and the federal Gov.

About ten got together and said, now was the time to get federal status.

They were turned down the first time because of not having a full blood line they were using Lynn McGhee, he was only a half breed. So they went back and use Semoices.

There were at one time a lot of Creeks near Mt. Pleasant, Popular Springs (Jeddo), Tensaw, and Boatyard lake area.

We now have three Casino’s in Ala. Atmore, Montgomery and Wetumpka where the rivers meet.

There is a lot more to tell. Hope I haven’t bothered you in any way.


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    Millard you said that Lynn McGhee’s mother was fullblood creek. Do you have any documentation that shows that, who she was or where she came from?? I would be extremely interested in seeing or knowing where/how I could see such documents.
    To say that “Pls. note. the only reason Poarch got federal status, was because of Semoice and bussing of the school kids” discounts the fact that McGhee descendants at PBCI virtually outnumber any of the other original families listed on the fed rec docs, as well as the fact that by acknowledging Lynn as founding ancestor they are also acknowledging Hettie Semoice. Considering that BQ is handed down 1/2 from each parent, that would indicate that the children of Lynn & Hettie would be nearly, if not absolutely 4/4 aka full-blood.


      Hi, I wouldn’t argue only reasons… but I would like to poke my head up as a descendant of Semoice and the school kids (in all friendliness).


      Sorry, but I noticed another thing that is contradictory, you said that Poarch got fed rec because of semoice, yet semoice was nowhere near the land that was used & identified in the fed rec papers of PBCI. by your own account, semoice’s land was in clarke county, not escambia. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this, as my original post was made nearing two years ago and has gone, thus far, unacknowledged. please feel free to contact me via facebook if you choose. you, i’m sure, are familiar with all of the facebook groups i frequent.


      Millard, you stated that PBCI’s fed rec was achieved because of Semoice, yet Semoice’s land was, by your own statement & through documented records, was in Clarke county, not Escambia county which is where the tribal reservation is. The reservation is on land from the Lynn McGhee allotment, not that of Semoice. I’m curious as to which documentation you base your claim one and would appreciate being able to see it.
      I look forward to your reply, as it’s been nearly 2 years since my original post and have yet to hear from you. If you’d rather, please feel free to reach me via facebook (I believe you have my email) or via one of the PBCI facebook groups to which I belong. Mvto.


    Hello Millard,
    If I may, would like to also share my husband’s documented info on his 4th great grandfather, William Randall “Old Billy” Hollinger, a half breed Indian who was also a volunteer guide, spy and interpreter for the US Army during the War of 1812 and served Gen. Andrew Jackson during the Creek War. He too also received 640 acres in Monroe Co. Al for his service. He barely escaped his death at the Ft. Mims massacre by escaping through a hole in the fence. He also is related to the Dees family. Mvto!


    Millard….thank you for posting this! I have been far too busy with life to get everything else done that I want to….including genealogy. Much love to my cousin!


    moderator-please remove one or the other of the posts i posted tonite. i received an error message after trying to post the first one saying that it could not be posted. remove either of your choice. thank you


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