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Did Cherokee Religion Originate in the Middle East?

Did traditional Cherokee religion originate in the Middle East?
What your teacher didn’t tell you about Sequoya?

This essay is almost a novella, but it will give you several OMG moments and be very thought provoking.

We are getting some very interesting stories from Cherokee and Creek descendants, who have recently discovered some Sephardic Jewish ancestry. One of their letters will be sent as a separate Brainfood. However, no Chickasaws, Yuchi’s or Shawnees have contacted us. The last eyewitness location where the Spanish Sephardim lived was eastern Tennessee, which was once occupied by the Chickasaw, Yuchi and Shawnee. All of you Cherokee and Creek Adair’s are descended from a woman who was mixed Chickasaw-Jewish ancestry.

Some patterns in the Native-Sephardic descendants are already appearing. All of the Creeks are in one group along with about 1/3 of the Cherokees. Most of this group’s DNA is Scottish/Scandinavian/Irish/English. A relatively small percentage was assigned to the cluster of DNA markers that typify Iberian Sephardic Jews. Their balance is Asiatic – (probably Native American and some Maya). Another Cherokee type has the Northern European DNA but a very significant Mediterranean component typical of Iberian Sephardic Jews. Their Native American DNA component is much smaller than found in the first group. The third Cherokee DNA profile is typical of the North Carolina Reservation and is predominantly Middle Eastern. It is composed of the DNA indicators of the nations that made up the Turkish Empire in the 1500s. The latter two groups have significant levels of European DNA, but very little or NO Asiatic (Native American) DNA.

The Differences between Oklahoma and the Southeast Cherokees

Personally, I have always try to avoid assigning the same personality traits to groups of people, even though I had to take six courses in sociology in graduate school. However, there are noticeable differences between descendants of the Southeastern tribes in Oklahoma and Texas versus those who stayed in the Southeastern homeland. The 180+ years of separation have accentuated the differences because the Oklahoma peoples have somewhat absorbed the cultures of their European and Native neighbors, while the Southeasterners lived dual lives.

Native traditions were both preserved and concealed in the Southeast. In my mother’s family cultural knowledge was passed down on a one to one basis by persons in each generation chosen to be keepers and teachers. Even their siblings did not know of their secret roles.

Western Creeks often wear cowboy hats or baseball caps when participating in tribal events and dances. Southeasterners wear turbans like in the old days. In the Southeast, wearing a baseball cap or cowboy hat in a restaurant or public event is the universal litmus test of being a sikuya . . . a white trash, racist, KKK type.

Southeastern Creeks tend to be social rebels, bull-headed GDI’s or libertarians from 18 decades of being a minority in an oppressive society dominated by a politically conservative plantation aristocracy. Oklahoma Creeks tend to mirror the political values of the mixed-blood Creek planters who first settled the Red and Arkansas River Valleys.

Southeastern Creeks tend to identify strongly with the struggle of African-Americans for equality. Most Southern states had laws specifically discriminating against American Indians until people like Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King broke down the barriers. We were outraged when some Oklahoma tribes expelled their African-American members. It is all a matter of perspective. One of my great-aunts died horrifically at the age of 16, when she was gang-raped and hung from a tree in Ruckersville, GA by the KKK.

It is the same with the Cherokees. Overall, the Oklahoma and Texas Cherokees reflect the values of the Cherokee Renaissance that occurred in northwest Georgia during the 1820s. They also like to wear cowboy hats in tribal events, but not so many baseball caps.

In North Carolina, a bipolar Cherokee society has evolved. What tourists and white mountaineer neighbors see is a peaceful society that reflects the “Christian” values of the great mixed-blood Cherokee leaders of the early 1800s. Dominant in that era were the Hicks/Adair/Smith/Thompson families (Methodist) – the Bushyhead/Arniche Families (Baptist) – and the Saunders/Vann/Ross families (Presbyterian). When speaking to tourists, North Carolina Cherokees love to talk about the “Creator” as if the Cherokees were always monotheists, little different than Jews or Christians.

The truth is something different. Monotheism first came to the Cherokees when Second Chief Charles Hicks invited Methodist circuit riders to preach at the Natchez-Cherokee village of Pine Log, GA in 1818. That location is now the nation’s oldest Methodist campground.

Traditional Cherokee Religion

The religion of the Cherokees prior to that time was animism, but it was a form of animism that was distinctly different than practiced elsewhere in North America. There was no “Great Spirit.” There is no evidence of an obsession with crop and human fertility as can be seen in traditional Choctaw animism. What one does see is an obsession with unseen spirits that dwelt in fires and springs. The fire spirits were demonic in nature. Their evil powers could be controlled with magic formulas and set against one’s enemies. The water spirits tended to be benign, and were associated with prophecy, healing, reproduction and communication with the dead.

In Cherokee tradition, their people were once dominated by kitani, who were hereditary priests. Contemporary Cherokees are outraged when I tell them this, but both the words kitani and kituwa are Alabama words, derived from the Alabama root verb meaning “to start a fire.” Thus, both the name of one federally recognized branch of the Cherokees and the supposed “mother town” of the North Carolina Cherokees are Alabama (Muskogean) words.

The kitani were supposedly overthrown in a violent revolution and replaced by conjurers. The successful Cherokee revolution against the ani-kitani moved the sacred fire to the center of the council house, where all citizens could stare at the fire. After then the conjurers apparently had the main responsibility of maintaining the fires.

The victors get the right to record history so one wonders if the kitani were really as bad as Cherokee tradition makes them out to be. They could have well been just a Muskogean aristocracy that ruled a Rickohocken majority. However, it is true that in contemporary Alabama language, kitani no longer means a priest of the sacred fire, but a sorcerer! The Cherokee tradition may reflect a multi-ethnic cultural memory.

Conjurers would stare into the fires that burned in Cherokee council houses and claim that the demonic spirits within the fires spoke to them. They would interpret the unintelligible words of a “speaker” in the same manner that “speaking in tongues” is carried out in Pentecostal churches. However, their most important function was their power to summon demonic spirits with special rituals and oral formulas. The demons would be dispatched to attack individual Cherokees and also the tribal enemies of the Cherokees. There is very little difference between Cherokee conjuring and the practices of contemporary satanic cults. This is an important fact to understanding many events of the present era.

It was a Cherokee conjurer, Charity Hague, who in 1717, after being advised to do so by the spirits speaking from the fire, advised Cherokee leaders to kill their Creek guests in Tugaloo and form an alliance with the British. This act of treachery ushered in a 20 year period of dramatic growth in Cherokee military power and territory. It eventually resulted in 1754 with a fourth of the Cherokee villages being destroyed and 32 Cherokee chiefs being executed (some by being burned at the stake for witchcraft) by the Koweta Creeks.

The Alabamas and Creeks had sacred fires burning in their temples, but not in their council houses. The Muskogean sacred fires had the same symbolic meaning as the fire that burned in the Temple in Jerusalem 24 hours a day. They were NOT the denizen of demonic spirits.

There is a big difference between a conjurer-shaman and a Keeper. Currently, some of the Creek men in Oklahoma, who are call themselves keepers are really shamans. The fake keepers do dumb stuff like sprinkling tobacco at the entrances to courthouses to influence court cases. Like their Cherokee counterparts, some also claim to hear voices from sacred fires. They have absorbed the fire-worshiping religion of the Cherokees. We’ll get back to that.

The conjurers dominated Cherokee society during the 1700s, when the military power and territory of the new Cherokee Alliance expanded dramatically. The conjurers proved impotent to stop the smallpox plagues and a series of catastrophic defeats inflicted by the Koweta Creeks in 1754, the British in 1757-63, the American Patriots in 1777 and the Tennessee Militia in 1793. So by 1817 the Cherokees were ripe for accepting the “white man’s religion” because their conjurers had brought them disaster.

Cherokee Conjuring Today

The Cherokee conjurers continued to pass on their practices generation to generation just like Creek Keepers pass on their monotheistic beliefs to each generation. By the way, Keeper is also the title of a priest today in the Samaritan sect of Israel and of all Jewish priests prior to the building of Solomon’s Temple.

The Cherokee shamans sulked in the back coves of the reservation for 140 years until the 1980s when they made an alliance with predominantly white satanic cults, based in Asheville, NC. Just like the alliance with British colonial authorities in 1715, this alliance ushered in a period of dramatic socio-economic changes on the reservation. The families that traditionally led the reservation were cast aside. With the help of occult members placed at high levels in the federal and state bureaucracy, government money flowed into the reservation to build many new tourist attractions.

My ex-wife in Asheville was a member of a feminist cult (black witch coven) that sometimes held rituals on our farm. Several of her “sisters” are now middle level management in the U. S. Forest Service. Another one seduced the general in charge of nerve gas disposal in Alabama and persuaded him to divorce his wife of many years to marry her. I am certain that all of the thousands of dollars of your tax money that was expended in an effort to discredit the premier of America Unearthed on the History Channel can be traced to manipulative actions by my ex’s witchy friends.

The State of North Carolina rewrote Cherokee history to describe them as a mono-ethnic indigenous people, who had always lived in their state. The Cherokees were presented as a master race and invincible warriors, who were the first people to cultivate corn, beans and squash. They were credited with winning many wars that they actually lost. The charade spread across all aspects of Southeastern history. NC Cherokee students are taught that their ancestors “invented” Swift Creek pottery. This new history of the Cherokees permeates Wikipedia and a legion of recently published books.

Between 2001 and 2006 the Russian Mafia bought up most of the commercial establishments on the reservation. Now the majority of shops and restaurants are owned by Russians or Ukrainians, managed by Poles or legal immigrants from former nations of the Warsaw Pact, and manned by Slavic young people on false student visas. It is now very rare to see a Cherokee working in a shop or restaurant.

North Carolina shamans have convinced many of their people that the horrors of the Trail of Tears were their punishment for adopting Christianity. The summoning of demons and belief in supernatural powers is endemic on the reservation. So is bipolar behavior. On several occasions in recent years, I have seen North Carolina Cherokees go into mad rages for no visible reason. I fully realize that many of the readers do not believe in demonic possession, but that sure is what these rages look like. It is a world never seen by tourists, government bureaucrats and academicians who visit the reservation.

The occult and some “bad guys” in the federally bureaucracy broke a bunch of laws in 2009 to insure that I would be homeless and friendless on Christmas Eve. They shared a delusion that I would be a broken man and therefore be vulnerable to embracing their political and religious beliefs. In 2009 Federal law enforcement or national security? employees even contacted people I spoke to on the phone and offered them money to make comments which suggested “that career-wise I was all washed up, so I might as well give up and live in public housing.” These idiots continued to do that a few times this past year. Losing the “Mayas In Georgia thing” kind of burst their bubble, however.

In late February of 2010, I was lured into the North Carolina Mountains so that the Cherokee occultists could envelope me with their schizophrenic nonsense. All along I was just smiling and taking detailed notes. As for living in the woods breaking my spirit . . . “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!” The North Carolina Cherokee occultists thought that I was a scapegoat given to them for sacrifice by their ultra-right extremist buddies in the federal bureaucracy. In fact, I became a Trojan Horse.

When living in a tent near the Snowbird Cherokee Reservation, I visited the Qualla (main) reservation to do some research. While photographing the details of a Cherokee council house at the Oconaluftee Village, I felt a “dark soul” behind me. I turned around. It was an elderly Cherokee shaman, smiling evilly. I only said, “Osayo!” He turned white as a ghost, however, when he saw my Wind Clan gorget.

The shaman put one hand up to block the view of the Wind Clan symbol and another to block the view of my face. He walked backward out of the Creek square, which the NC Cherokees call “a traditional Cherokee square.” He repeatedly chanted, “What you say is not true” – even though the only thing I said was “hello” in Cherokee. After exiting the square, he RAN all the way out of the Oconaluftee Village.

The Sequoyah Connection

For over a decade, something has really puzzled me. In 1998 I lived in Pine Log, GA where Sequoya created his syllabary . . . or so people think. The official story of Sequoya just does not add up. Sequoya is the Cherokee pronunciation of the Creek word, sikuya . . . which means “excrement” but in 18th century Mvskoke, also meant a “war captive.” Sequoya has no meaning in Cherokee. For one thing, the syllabary he promoted is NOT what Cherokees use today.

Sequoya’s syllabary was almost identical to the letters of a Cyrillic script used by non-Muslims in eastern Turkey and northern Mesopotamia during the Medieval Period. Missionary Samuel Worcester changed those glyphs to one similar to Roman script “so that white Americans would not be threatened by them.” There is substantial evidence that many of the original glyphs were in use by the Chickamauga Cherokees long before Sequoya announced his writing system to the Cherokee leaders. Sequoya was a Chickamauga warrior.

And then there is the witchcraft trial thing . . . Not too long after Sequoya’s syllabary was introduced to the Cherokees in northwest Georgia, a band of Cherokees in North Carolina, living OUTSIDE THE BOUNDARIES OF THE CHEROKEE NATION, abducted Sequoya and his wife. The official story is that this band was under the influence of Christian missionaries. Sequoya and his wife were charged with witchcraft and sentenced to death by slow torture. The couple was well on their way to being tortured to death when rescued by a troop of Georgia Cherokee Lighthorse, led by John Ridge.

The Cherokees, who almost killed Sequoya, appears to be the same band that was lead by Yonaluska. Yonaluska’s band in 1838 was allowed to remain in North Carolina and became the core of the Eastern Band of Cherokees. It is difficult to obtain detailed facts about these events because they are so embarrassing to the North Carolina Cherokees. As soon as the EBC archivists realized that I was smarter than the average bear, they would not release any more information and became obstructive.

The first use of the redesigned Sequoya syllabary was the Christian Bible. Why would North Carolina Christian Cherokees object to the ancient syllabary ascribed to Sequoya and label it “witchcraft?” Had it been first used by sorcerers or conjurers?

Shared Traditions of Fire Worship

And then there is the “fire worshiping” thing . . . The religion that most closely matches Cherokee fire worship is Zoroastrianism that originated in Iran and Bactria (northern Afghanistan). It is an ancient religion with an invisible creator deity and complex beliefs. In essence though, it encourages mankind to live moral lives and do good deeds. It is currently believed by scholars that the “wise men” who came to visit the baby Jesus were Zoroastrian magi.

Water is the ultimate source of wisdom in Zoroastrianism, while their ceremony of staring into fires for long periods produced states of self-hypnosis. The founder of Zarathustra taught that the sacred fires contained the evil spirits of diva (demons) who were associated with war, political power and territorial acquisition. Such fires were maintained by priests within inner sanctums of temples, whose only responsibility was maintaining the fire. Their duties were identical to those of the kitani. By communicating with and confronting the demons in the fire, the worshiper was prepared for starring into a pool, where the wisdom was actually obtained through meditation.

There were heretical sects of Zoroastrianism, some which placed much more emphasis on the manipulation of the diva spirits in the sacred fire. These particular sects were very similar to Cherokee practices.

Once the state religion of Persia and perhaps the first great world religion, Zoroastrianism is now practiced by about 200,000 people. Millions upon millions of Zoroastrians were killed, neutered, enslaved and starved to death by Islam between 680 AD and the early 1800s. The scale of the mass slaughters that survive in Islamic history books are mind-boggling, equivalent to the repetitive acts of barbarism such as the Japanese at Nanking and Manila in World War II. When a Rus (Scandinavian-Slavic) trade ambassador asked a Turkish war lord why he was slaughtering over 250,000 peaceful Christians and Zoroastrians in a newly conquered province, he responded, “Allah commanded us, by the mouth of His Prophet, to extend the dominion of Islam over all nations.”

The Cherokee DNA Project

None of these circumstantial facts and speculations made any sense until DNA Consultants, Inc. announced the results of their comprehensive genetic study of the North Carolina Reservation. This was about the same time that an archaeologist, who studied the Track Rock Terraces in 2001, gave a lecture to an audience at the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, in which he said that the 150+ stone-walled terraces were built by the Cherokees around 1000 AD as ceremonial platforms.

The Cherokees on the reservation are a predominantly Middle Eastern population. They have as many Egyptian “T” DNA indicators as Coptic Christians and more than most Egyptians. Egyptian Muslims are mixed with the Arabs. They have very high levels of DNA indicators from Turkey, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus, Lebanon and Northern Africa. Most carry DNA indicators from Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and also northern Europe. Most have very little Asiatic (Native American) DNA. Personally, I wonder if the Snowbird Cherokees were tested. They look different than “regular” Cherokees and are called “Moon Faces” by the people on the main reservation. Many Snowbirds look like the Zoque of Mexico.

The DNA profiles superficially make no sense and have sent the geneticists into la-la land. This is because they always assumed the “official” history of the Cherokees, created by the State of North Carolina in 1976, was accurate. However, the DNA evidence directly reinforces the evidence I accumulated during my adventure in western North Carolina in 2010. That spring I also found a stone inscription at 5400 feet above sea level in the Great Smoky Mountains, which memorialized a Jewish wedding on September 15, 1615.

Freed Prisoners of War

During the 1500s and 1600s the Turkish Empire embarked on several massive invasions to conquer the Christian world in the name of their god. In southeastern Europe Turkish armies got as far as Vienna. Turkey was more successful in the Black Sea region where it conquered what are now eastern Turkey, Armenia and Georgia. This is the exact same region that used the Cyrillic script found in Sequoya’s original syllabary. Hundreds of thousands of Christians and Zoroastrians in the conquered regions were either killed or enslaved. Jews were not subject to these actions, but sometimes became senior officers in the Turkish Navy. The young Christian and Zoroastrian men became galley slaves, or if they were “lucky,” Janissary soldiers.

The Kingdom of Spain channeled much of its wealth gained in the New World to fund armies and fleets to oppose the Turks in the Mediterranean and the Protestants in northern Europe. When Spain won a battle against the Turks or European Protestants, the captured combatants – many of whom were not Muslims – were made into galley slaves in the Spanish and Venetian fleets or sent to work on Caribbean sugar plantations. They were treated as infidels and heretics, not eastern Christians and Protestant Christians. Jews were, of course, burned at the stake.

Simultaneously, Sephardic Jewish pirates began operating out of Jamaica, the Bahamas and southern Puerto Rico. This is why both the Roanoke Island and Jamestown expeditions replenished their ships in southern Puerto Rico. The Jewish pirates were allies of the English Navy and French Huguenot privateers.

When they captured a Spanish ship, the Jewish pirates would generally kill the Spanish Catholics but free Protestant, Jewish and Muslim prisoners-of-war. The Jewish pirates’ favorite place to stalk Spanish treasure galleons and galleys was off the coast of northern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. This is why the Spanish government put so much effort into maintaining a Spanish presence on the South Atlantic Coast. It was probably Jewish and French Huguenot pirates who repeatedly sacked the Spanish missions on the coast of Georgia.

So far we have not found any archives that describe Jewish pirates depositing freed prisoners of war on the South Atlantic Coast, but it makes sense. There were obviously no government agencies that the Jewish pirates regularly dispatched reports to. However, there are several documented cases of English ships dropping off freed Turkish galley slaves on the South Atlantic Coast. These freedmen and others that we speculate about, could have made it to the Southern Highlands were they developed small multi-ethnic villages. Their descendants would have been far more resistant to European and Middle Eastern plagues than full-blooded indigenous Americans. Call it selective breeding via pathogens!

In contrast, the sudden disappearance of the entire Sephardic populations of several Spanish colonial cities is well documented. In 1610 the Inquisition suddenly showed up in Cartagena, Colombia. Most of its wealthy Sephardic population escaped before the Crown could seize their wealth and the Inquisition could burn them at the stake. They made their wealth in gold mining. The gold fields in the Georgia Mountains were a logical place for them to seek refuge.

Beyond this point, we are dealing totally in speculation. It is plausible that the freed Turkish prisoners-of-war, who were Zoroastrians, ended up somewhere in the Southern Highlands. A watered down version of their religion could have become the fire worship – conjuring religion of the 18th century Cherokees. It is plausible, but there is no direct evidence at this point.

And now you know, as Tulsa’s favorite son, Paul Harvey, used to say

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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    I had a girl friend from the Ashville area that exhibited the (bipolar) traits you mention.
    Frances Drake dropped off Turks that tried to mutiny on his ship. This was on the outer banks i think? been a long time since i read that.
    My mothers family crossed over the Tombigbee and hid in Washington County, Alabama after the Creek wars to avoid the trail of tears. This was traditionally Choctaw area. Family oral history tells that Joe Howard’s Father was an English soldier and his Mother a Creek Maid. Family very clannish and famous for knife fighting. Two Howard sisters married two Parnell (Irish) brothers. The Brothers Father was said to be over 7′ tall.
    Don’t know what clan we are but I read that the “Wind Clan” was like the royalty of the Muscogee Nation. Most interested in Creek History. Have read Picketts account. Have original book in my bed, room very fragile.


    im cherokee and i know the c herokee is just like the indians in washington statecovering up the body of the ancent man that the researchers said was of the japanese or eastern tribes .the back of the guys hear was the outstandingg feature and on the Savannah River the finding that showed histroy going back 17000 years not 14000 .Its not right to hold back on teaching the children .


    I am 1/32 Cherokee documented, were can I go to get a dna test? I have researched my lines on ancestry that lead back to Chief Old Corn Tassel, Elizabeth Euchioote Tassel(coody) and 8th beloved Cherokee woman chief Kayun Techea. I may be Shawnee Metis, creek, and powhaton as well. I am also the 5th generation grand daughter of diplomatic Cherokee war Chief Richard Fields, who was murdered by Cherokee chief Bowles. please let me know how I can get dna a test.


    I’m both Creek and Cherokee. As most Creeks are mixed with Cherokees and vice versa. I’m also a History major. You my dear are way, way off mark on so many levels! Wow! All I’m going to end with …this site should come with a warning label! “Warning! Reading this will cause you brain to rot!”


      ” typical Cherokees carry vastly more Middle Eastern DNA than Asiatic” there is no since have a discussion about
      asiatic dna when scientist have NOT even been looking for estimated the more than 1000000 asiatic slaves, pearl divers , railroad workers , rice slaves etc from all parts of Asia brought here after Columbus . not counting any asiatics ( mostly chinese think Ming dynasty ) who got here even days before Columbus . but they use that dna to cherry pick who they consider to be REAL enough ” native asian” for their theories. without those ” asian dna their whole time line and theories go right down the commode. no I mean ” real native american” who knows their stories is going to have even a discussion with folks like you who believe that donkey dung they call science.

      and you assume they even have a clue as to how dna even works to READ it .

      PS what was the dna of the ancient basque they just studied ? with mtdna X and a C and male y from the R … geewhiz it was kind of just like eastern Native Americans dna actually .. they have just cherry picked the C and X out of the real people and tell everyone else they are not natives.

      your simility from zoroastrians is from the same roots and ancient prophecies and from the in the same ancient stuff that most of the REAL native ( sea peoples )tribes and not mengwi/ Menes ( see Namers Palette for the betrayal of the Great Kings by Canaan and his brother,d.aXo

      are from . but all it took was one crooked mind to usurp sea faring and sea trading kingdoms of the gentiles for more than 1000 years there and controlled even longer here …and they did just that Usurped the gentile / asiatic types ( clan of R and Q and ? ) kingdoms rights and demanded the world pay them tributes and made the world it’s slave until God walked His people of Egypt with the stolen genetics of the gentile kingships( on th emomma side ) of( what is known as the the Hitities over there , but kingdoms usurped and controlled by Mengwi think Helen and Menelaus , we hated them for usurping us )> God Saved the world’s kingdoms 70 kingdoms and their all rights to give it to his promised son the rightful heir of that land and his right to sule those 70 kingdoms .. it is the reason the whole world willingly came to bow and pay tribute to Solomon and to join in his confederacy he was one of the promised sons. the understanding of which has also been crooked minded over and over by men.. after more than 1000 years of being usurped over there and here everything did and will become something different than what was intended BY God and those He gave those promises too . and there has been more than a few crooked minds and very souls in the 4000 years since the sea faring kingdoms were usurped BY Narmer/ Egypt and betrayed by KITTIM / kituwah here / there called Hittites now ( see namers Palette ) . and it all went to ever deeper levels of the hell between man ears since then> by all it takes is just one crooked mind at a time, that is all it takes to betray and do the doggy on someone’s else’s leg and to make all the kingdoms and peoples of the world your slave.

      and always just a tiny remnant were trying to remember and keep and tell and pass down the oldest of promises . does even that get messed up ? probably! But God only is faithful to reveal himself in his promises and reveal the promises to show himself .


    I was so happy to find this site. I was wondering why our DNA had so much Middle Easter blood, since we are suppose to be Virginia Cherokee on my father’s side going back to 1620 in the Appotomax area. My mother side comes out of Georgia leaving in the early 1800 for the Carolinia’s. We have been confused about our blood line since we were not allowed to talk about our native heritage. I am taken for Middle Easter or Spanish most of the time, now I know why. We have a hard time tracing anything, we can only trace through land deeds.

    you have to kick their time lines to the curb… but the sea people buried their dead at sea and only their Royalty were buried except for in catastrophic events science-ish won’t recognize anyway so their time clocks are their own inventions. the events which they refuse to explain are the very reason why we call this place turtle Island in the first place happened only about time, times and half time ago.

    but from the time of the betrayal of the Great King’s other clans controlled their kingdoms by controlling the established matrilineal kingship bloodlines and selling those lines to the highest bidders. eventually Etana gained some control of parts of it( see the sumerian kings list and the mayan kings list ( ” calendar” ) and compare clans ) and why Africans hate them so much.. Other nations clans were thus claiming the promises God gave to( R,Q and ? ) people’s Great kings and then even before the flood even see the book of Enoch for even older and oldest promises about white bulls = Aleph’s ( now see bible for prophecies ) . it is not that R was not there in Europe before that is that R and Q kingships of their own nations were being usurped by other clans like Mizraim and Canaanites ( think Menelaus of the clan of Menes/ Narmer ) just to name a few of the worst offenders and has been sold to the highest bidder ever since Narmer/ Menes / Menegwi did their deed and his brother Canaan/ Kana/ like Canada did what only man can do to each other, usurp steal and destroy . Our God has never usurped anyone , except to wipe the usurpers from the earth and that after fair warnings and time for repentance. all being declared legally dead at the fall and this life being a gift he only has reserved the right to take back from us .
    what I know for sure is no nation will be found innocent and all clans and people everywhere will need to beg for his forgiveness or kiss their usurping fannies goodbye.


    Somehow this author claims the Turks took many non-Muslims as slaves but that would imply that many Cherokees were Muslims too as they said “Ya Allah” before prayers.

    • The source of your information is a “Muslim History” website which means it is a lie. Cherokees don’t begin prayers with “Ya Allah” They would have no clue what you are talking about.

      Also, I wouldn’t advise you making the statement about Turks not taking Non-Muslims as slaves in a room full of Armenians. It would be a very unpleasant trip into hell.



        As a Kituwa I disagree with a lot of what you wrote in this old article from 2013, but I found this last comment hilarious. Turks didn’t take Non-Muslims as slaves? Apparently that jackass doesn’t know that the word Slave comes from the word Sław (Swav/Slav) because that warlord’s psychotic religion encouraged them to raid Slavic lands where they took over 1 million blond haired, blue eyed women as sex slaves and sold them back to their Muslim buddies all over the Middle East and Africa on sex-trade markets. It was also Muslims who were enslaving millions of Africans before the Portuguese and Spanish Jews moved in on their trade and took it over. There are literally thousands of paintings glorifying that era. Scumbags don’t have an honest bone in their bodies. Read up on the Polish-Lithanian Hussaria (Hussar) warriors who wore large eagle feather metal flanks and drove those sadists back south once and for all. There’s a reason why Islam isn’t welcome in countries like Poland. Poles don’t like Germans and Russians, but they detest Muslims. For a very good reason. It’s one thing to attack and kill a people. It’s another thing entirely to target all of their women and little girls and kidnap them for perverse pleasure.

        Thanks for debunking that idiotic claim that Cherokee pray to Allah.

        I’d like to reply extensively to a lot of the original post but I think I’ll refrain since this is five years old. Will keep it short. George Gist (English name) was the son of Verde Sequeyra, daughter of John Sequeyra (Doctor to George Washington’s step-daughter). The Cherokee called her Wurteh Sequoyah because they couldn’t pronounce Verde Sequeyra. Sequoyah was Jewish, on both sides. His mother’s maternal line may have been Cherokee but there is no reason to assume that. George Gist, son of Nathaniel Gist, was the grandson of Christopher Gist (mentor to George Washington). George Gist or Sequoyah had ties to George Washington directly through his father and mother. He wasn’t a Chickamauga Warrior. In fact, he was a cripple with a short leg that he had since birth. Carried a cane because of it. But you are right about him not inventing that alphabet. The one folks see now was created by the Moravians. The one Sequoyah introduced (he didn’t invent it) was used by the Chickamaugas, etched into trees throughout the mountains during the Chickamauga War. Americans called the “devil scratches” because they couldn’t read them. And they had a sexy look to them originally, also. Those colonists were allergic to anything sexy. That’s why they didn’t bathe regular. Might make them sexy and then they’d start sneezing.

        In regard to the Atschiladawehi (Fire Conjurors) and Amoadawehi (Water Conjurors), however, spirits in fire and water are neither good nor evil. They are forces of nature, according to beliefs. Good and evil are Judeo-Christian dichotomies that don’t apply to the true Kituwa. The wasp is not evil when it inserts its larvae into the body of a caterpillar. Inside the caterpillar the wasp larvae grow and one day begin to eat their way out of the caterpillar’s body with razor-like teeth. While this is occurring they release hormones that deceive the caterpillar into thinking they are its own babies and the caterpillar then spins a cocoon around them to protect them and even stands guard over them so other insects won’t eat them. If we try to apply good and evil to this then the wasp becomes evil and the caterpillar becomes good. In truth they are neither. They are obeying their nature. The same applies to conjuring. Fire can only destroy by nature. Water can nourish by nature. Conjuring the essence of fire and using it on enemies is something ALL of the Chickamauga warriors did before battle. Then before re-entering their villages they would bathe in the river, be cleansed by the Water Conjuror, and go about their life as usual.

        I obviously can’t speak for others, but I am a Kituwa. And I don’t believe in angels and demons. There is also a scientific reason for why many mountain people (not only among the Qualla folk) have unusually high rates of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It’s not witchcraft. It’s called incest. Haha And drug/alcohol abuse. That old man was probably retarded. Running away from a symbol like that suggests so. No offense, but if you showed me your Wind Clan symbol I’d just nod, say “cool”, and ask if you knno who Alexander McGillivray was. He and Dragging Canoe were good friends during the Chickamauga Wars. All that woo-woo about hexing people only works if the person hexing is crazy enough to believe it and the person being hexed is naive enough to think that idiot has magical powers. The greatest warriors were all very logical men. If I was living back then and faced with some dipshit waving a wand in my face, sputtering off gibberish, and dancing in a circle on one foot I’d shoot him and walk away. One less fool in a world overrun with morons.


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