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Here’s the truth about the situation in Sweden

Here’s the truth about the situation in Sweden

How idealistic Scandinavian politicians managed to invite a Trojan horse into paradise

Creeks were always known for being much more cosmopolitan than Crackers, so we will look at an international issue today.  LOL  Normally, the People of One Fire only discusses Scandinavia in regard to Bronze Age petroglyphs, plus Saami (Lapp) DNA markers in Uchee and Creek descendants.  However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the balanced nature of Muskogean social values and political practices is vastly superior to what the mainstream of the United States has devolved to.   Folks need to start listening to Native Americans or they are going to wake up one day in a self-centered, dysfunctional, environmentally toxic, trash heap . . . if we are not there already.

Over the past 17 years the United States has degenerated to the point where network newscasts say as little as possible about subjects in order to maximize profits and national politicians only say publicly what they think will help their team win the football game.  Every issue is polarized into extremist points of view.  It is quite difficult for thinking citizens to get to the truth.

You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth. The truth is neither what “the left” nor ” the right” are saying.

The day after graduating from Georgia Tech, I flew and traveled in a boat for 24 hours to start a job in Sweden. I had not applied for the job, but was invited there via an official invitation from the King of Sweden.  I made lifelong friends in Sweden, but also in the following decades,  Scandinavian youth would come to America and live on our farm for a year.  I especially stay in contact with a very fine Norwegian man, who now is the administrator of the division of SECURITAS, which protects the North Sea oil fields from terrorist attacks.  Let’s say that I have inside angle to knowing what’s going on. 

Before leaving for Sweden, I was bombarded by stupid comments from some fraternity brothers about Sweden. Richard Nixon had cut off diplomatic relations with Sweden, because of its humanitarian aid to the people of North Vietnam. In response, obliging TV news for awhile was filled with horrifying descriptions of how Scandinavians suffered under “Marxism”.  One guy’s girl friend told me that I was going to hell because of living in a Communist country.  “You know it has the highest suicide rate in the world?”  Everybody assumed that I would not be able to get medical care because Scandinavian countries have socialized medicine . . . a concept created by the devil himself.  Fundamentalist fraternity brothers were convinced that evil Marxist doctors and nurses would inject me with a virus, which would cause me to believe that blacks should be allowed to worship with whites in their churches or that it was not a sin for people of different races to marry.  I guess they forgot that I was mixed-race myself. 

One of the very first television programs that I watched from my very comfortable apartment in Sweden was the first segment of a new series,  Liv på OSA  (Life in the USA).  I about fell out of my armchair, when the announcer said, “I natt går vi till Carrollton, Georgia och besöka med Governor Jimmy Carter.”   Unlike the untruthful propaganda being spewed forth by the Nixon Administration about Sweden, the program was very positive and factual.  It focused on the Southwire Corporation, which had become very successful by treating its employees well.  Students of long term employees even had their college tuition paid by the company. 

The documentary then shifted to show how black and white residents of towns in West Georgia were getting along just fine and that the racial hatred that the national media in the US had ascribed to all Southerners only applied to a small minority.  The last third of the program was an introduction to Atlanta, a city which few Europeans even knew existed and then a long interview with Jimmy Carter.   The commentator predicted that Atlanta would some day become an internationally influential city.  Now it has the busiest airport in the world.   

I had become a friend of the Carter family, while serving him as a college intern.  It was really weird to see someone you knew as a human to be on a TV screen in Sweden.   The commentator closed with the question, “How much more respected a nation, the United States would become, if someone like Jimmy Carter was elected president . . . but probably, it will never happen.”  Ironically, about a year and a half later, I was playing Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and  Lynyrd Skynyrd albums with Jimmy and his offspring one Saturday afternoon, when a very young Senator Joe Biden stopped by unexpectedly to ask Jimmy to run for President.

No matter where I went in Scandinavia, I was always treated with friendliness and warm hospitality.  Many Swedes were puzzled why I didn’t look like an “American,” but like a Lapp.  They did not exhibit the artificial hatred toward me that Americans were encouraged at that time to hold toward Swedes.  The City of Landskrona gave me a beautiful gift for my birthday and the mayor held a ceremony on my last day of work in which he gave me the seal of the city.  A few days earlier, an agent in the Swedish equivalent of the FBI dropped by my apartment to invite me to stay in Sweden beyond the time limit of my visa and start the process for becoming a citizen.

So those of you on the extreme left or right can start hating me now . . .  I will give you a hint of what’s coming down the pike.   The importation into Scandinavia of vast numbers of immigrants from societies in the Middle East and Pakistan, who hate Western civilization, women, Jews, Christians and democracy has been a catastrophe  from which this democratic Scandinavian nation may never recover.  Conversely, Swedish cities that have welcomed Africans, Latin Americans, Armenians, Bosnian Muslims and Kurdish Muslims have experienced a very positive impact. 

On the other hand,  the current economic and healthcare systems in the United States are destroying the American Middle Class and ultimately, our nation.  They stink, but the only alternative is not Marxism as many Americans have been brainwashed into believing.  Any of you, who equate the words of Jesus Christ to our current situation of a few rich getting richer, while most everybody else is getting poorer, are committing blasphemy. Jesus said just the opposite.  He told the rich young ruler to give away everything he owned and then come back to see him.

What immediately struck me in the first days in Sweden was that the Swedes were much better educated than Americans and more technologically advanced . . . and much more civilized in general.  Their massive supermarkets had laser scanners and digital cash registers at the checkout counters about 12 years before they appeared in the US.    The city I lived in converted all sewage to fertilizer and all garbage was burned to create electric power.  The commodes in my apartment building used vacuums to clear themselves so only a small amount of water was needed.  Families in rural areas used self-composting toilets.   The rightwing politicos had lied

Then I learned that it was US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who had created the long-believed myth of suicide being epidemic in Scandinavia. Ironically,  Dulles later committed suicide himself.   Sweden’s suicide rate is much lower than countries such as Russia, Germany, the UK, Italy and Japan.  Today, the United States has the highest teenage suicide rate in the world, while indigenous peoples in Canada, Alaska and the Western United States have the highest adult suicide rate in the world.

The economic system?   It was and is free enterprise.  The rightwing politicos had lied again.  All businesses except liquor stores and healthcare facilities were privately owned.  Many states in the US also own liquor stores.  Most Swedes considered themselves to be closely kin to Americans culturally.  The Swedish military has always secretly collaborated with NATO, even when Leftist prime ministers were in power.  My “secret” work, for which I could not talk about for 20 years took me to most areas of Scandinavia, including 280 miles north of the Arctic Circle near the border with the Soviet Union.  There were snow flurries in August up there – b-r-r-r!  I never saw poverty anywhere.   I saw plenty of rich Scandinavians, driving around in Mercedes-Benz’s and Rolls Royces, but I didn’t see poor Scandinavians. . . that include the Lapps.

Democracy?   Scandinavians had and have much more democratic societies than the United States.  There were many women and people of modest means in elected offices back when there were virtually none in the United States.  Swedes get to vote on local issues such as highway plans, zoning changes and proposed developments, whereas North Americans have little say so in such matters.   Today, because of the shift in wealth, the United States is an oligarchy, not a democracy.   Both major political parties are dominated by people of extreme wealth.   It costs unimaginable amounts of money to run for national offices or Congress.  Such massive campaign expenditures are illegal in Scandinavia.

Healthcare?   Scandinavians have by far the best healthcare in the world, and at less than half the total cost, Americans pay. Because of better healthcare and cleaner environments,  Scandinavians live considerably longer than North Americans.   The median cost of health insurance in the USA drastically exceeds to total cost to taxpayers in Scandinavia for healthcare.  Scandinavian social welfare programs such as retirement, healthcare and financial incentives for new parents are paid by the MUMS tax.  It is a value added tax on most retail merchandise. Patients also pay small fixed fees for office visits and medicine.  Elective plastic surgery is not covered by the system unless it involves repair to scars or birth defects.   You can’t get a free nose job or boob enlargement in Scandinavia,  but you will get a new breast if the original one is removed in surgery. 

Sweden has an entirely different approach to its treatment of professional healthcare workers. That is why its citizens can receive far better healthcare for far less expenditures.  All citizens of Sweden may attend any of its public universities for free.  In addition, future healthcare professionals are paid a salary commensurate with their level in college.  Thus, doctors do not have to go deeply in debt to become a doctor.  Furthermore,  doctors and nurses employed by the healthcare system do not need professional liability insurance.  

Neighborhood clinics handle most common healthcare needs.  They are are the equivalent of an old time general practitioner.  When I was living in Sweden, my office required me to get free quarterly health exam at a neighborhood clinic to be eligible for the system.  Otherwise, I was never sick or injured, so I can’t speak personally about the system.  I never heard any negative comments in the office about healthcare, but lots of dismay at how barbaric and expensive healthcare was in the United States.

Crime?  The Landskrona Police didn’t even carry guns, when I lived there.  Their friendly policemen told me they thought it was funny that American cops felt it necessary to always be armed.  I couldn’t figure out what the police there did to bide their time.  Crime was unheard of.   And then the murder occurred.  Landskrona experienced its first murder in 12 years.  A Turkish man beat his wife to death with a hammer because she wore women’s pants to the supermarket in a snow storm.  His defense was that the Q’uran had legal jurisdiction over Swedish laws against murder.  It was a portend of things to come.

Hundreds of Middle Eastern Muslims moved to the city in the turmoil caused by the 1974 Yom Kippur War.  A second murder occurred  . . . same reason.   A Palestinian father and brothers hung a 16 year old girl, because she wore blue jeans in public and talked to Swedish boys.   Same defense.   A problem quickly became apparent.  Immigrants from the Middle East expected the city and nation, where they moved to adopt the language, laws and religion of the dysfunctional nations that they escaped from.  The problem is that the Quran teaches that everything Arab is superior to everything Christian . . . i.e. Western Civilization.  Therefore, many immigrants live in a delusional world in which they consider themselves superior to the societies that are paying for their free apartments and meals.

A war began between Landskrona police and Muslim immigrants that still goes on today.   Word got out that Landskrona was not so friendly to Muslims and so new Muslim immigrants moved to other cities, especially down the expressway in Malmo.  Meanwhile, the Landskrona police essentially became a paramilitary organization that replicated American SWAT squads 24/7.  Most of their new crime involves what we would call terrorism.  Crimes are committed in Landskrona, such as burning public property and city vehicles, by outsiders in a covert manner that is remarkably similar to what Palestinians do in Israel to state their hatred for the Israelis.   A couple of years ago, a hit rap song among teens in Sweden was  “Hela Landskrona hata polisen” or “All Landskrona hates the police.”  

First the bad news

Here is the essence of the problem.  There are many, many Muslims in Europe and the Americas, who love the traditions of democracy and tolerance in the Western World.  The people of Western Europe and North America take our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms as natural and moral.   To discriminate against another people because of race or religion has come to be seen as immoral and uncivilized.    YET . . . far too many of the immigrants in Sweden from the Middle East for religious reasons, believe that all aspects of their bloody and chaotic cultural heritage are inherently superior to that of the nation that gave them sanctuary. As a Swedish lady stated in a plea for help on Youtube,  Sweden has been forced into becoming a miserable police state in order to avoid becoming as bloody and chaotic as the Middle East. Taking words straight from the Quran,  the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Muslims are saying, “You will have no peace, now that we are here, until you submit completely to the will of Islam.”

Personally, I don’t know of a peaceful solution for Scandinavia.  As you will learn in subsequent paragraphs, it is too late in many cities to avoid either open warfare or mass deportations . . .  plus a bunch of building demolitions in Norway.  Sweden and Norway have drastically reduced immigration from the Middle East, but the situation is quite dangerous in areas with large numbers of recently arrived immigrants.  There is constant strife and permanent hostility between  Swedes and immigrants.

Approximately, 1/3 of Sweden’s 600,000 Muslims came there to get away from the oppression of Muslim nations and identify themselves as secular or ex-Muslims.  They are assimilating, but simultaneously are being threatened  with execution by Muslim extremists.  Apostasy is a capital offense in most Middle Eastern countries.  Slightly less than a third of the Muslims in Sweden do not attend religious services, but continue to call themselves Muslims. They could also get caught in the line of fire.

Islam, from its very inception (You will know this, if you have read the Quran) intended to conquer the world by force.   The moderate majority of Muslims in the United States will not admit this, but by being moderate they are disobeying the teachings of Mohamed.  When Mohamed was presented a Jewish woman, accused of adultery,  he instructed the crowd how to stand at the right distance and throw the right size stones to maximize the torture of the woman before her death.  Jesus Christ said, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Over a third of the Swedish Muslims maintain lifestyles, completely isolated from Swedish language and cultural values. In May 2015, radical preacher Said Rageahs was invited to the mosque in Sweden, where he promoted the views that whomever does not submit to Mohamed should be killed along with apostates and homosexuals. He advocated segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims until all of Scandinavia is conquered. 

Denmark:  Denmark has passed a harsh anti-immigration and anti-Muslim laws that would have been unthinkable to Scandinavians 15 years ago.  Danish immigration agents now seize all money and jewelry held by Muslim immigrants seeking to enter the country as political refugees.  Muslim students are forbidden to pray during school classes or wear burkas.  Heavily armed SWAT squad police now patrol areas where Muslim gangs were attacking Danes, who were eating pork and the restaurants, who served the pork.  

The new laws violates every tradition of Scandinavian liberalism, but the Danes felt that they had no choice.  A surge of nationalist political power occurred in response to continued hostile actions by recent Muslim immigrants in Denmark.  Over 85% of the welfare recipients in the country are Muslim immigrants.  Like Sweden the massive increase in welfare payments is bankrupting the system.  A third of the adult citizens in Denmark believe that the nation is “at war with Islam.”

Norway: Norway, like all Scandinavian countries, has the same personal freedoms that our Bill of Rights guarantees.  That includes Freedom of Religion.  About fifteen years ago, as Middle Eastern immigrants were pouring into the country,  massive mosques began rising all over the nation.  They were intentionally placed next to Medieval churches that were national landmarks.  The mosques always had domes and minarets, which were taller than the church towers and were greatly over-sized for the local Muslim population.  They were even appearing in rural areas, where no Muslim immigrants were living.  Local historic preservation and planning commissions tried to stop the cultural intrusions, but were bushwhacked by national leaders, who didn’t want Norway to appear intolerant.

It took a parliamentary election to change control of the government to a Center-Conservative coalition.  Investigators determined that the mosques were being built by foreigners, primarily by the government of Saudi Arabia.  While Norway prided itself on religious tolerance, the Arabs interpret tolerance as an admittance that Christianity is inferior to Islam.  To build a mosque shorter than a church would be an insult to Allah and his prophet.  The new government passed a law that foreign governments, corporations and individuals could not build religious structures in Norway.  However, Norway is stuck with several dozen national historic landmarks being trashed by over-sized mosques in all the wrong places.

Sweden:  The Swedish government  had long encouraged married couples to have as many children as they so desired, when I lived there.  Of course, the cost of having a baby was free.  Daycare centers were free and part of the educational system.  After I returned to the USA, women continued to get bigger and bigger bribes to become pregnant – married or unmarried.  Eventually, fathers were also offered paternity leaves.

Despite all this, the population of native Swedes continued to decline.  The median age of native Swedes was getting older and older.  About a decade ago, government officials did some calculations and learned that the nation would soon not be able to support its Social Welfare state, because too few people were below retirement age.  Sweden began aggressively marketing itself to people in other lands and continents.  However, when it came back to power in the Riksdag, the Social Democratic Party took the process a step farther.   Essentially,  the Social Democrats let anyone from the Middle East enter the country and live off its welfare system without asking questions.

Middle Easterners began coming to Sweden to live off the welfare system with no intent to either work or adopt Swedish culture. Vast sections of major Swedish cities became Middle Eastern ghettos.  Muslims are almost a majority now in Malmo because so many Native Swedes are moving away.  Malmo’s Muslims are demanding that the Sharia become the law in Malmo.   Swedish women in Malmo avoid the shopping malls because they have been taken over by unemployed Muslim men, who can indefinitely receive free housing and welfare income without working.  The men feel that Swedish infidel women are sluts by definition in the Quran and treat the Swedish women as such.

There are 55 zones in Stockholm, Sweden in which the police and firefighters refuse to enter.  They are controlled by Muslim Brotherhood gangs.  Fire trucks were being fire bombed when they entered these zones and so stopped answering emergency calls.  SWAT squads or Swedish soldiers are brought in, when public officials or reporters absolutely must enter a zone.

Middle Easterners began coming to Sweden to live off the welfare system with no intent to either work or adopt Swedish culture. Vast sections of major Swedish cities became Middle Eastern ghettos.  However, because of the endemic wars and poverty in the Middle East, these immigrants have no place to go . . .  at least where they will get free housing nicer than where they lived in the Middle East.  So they are backed into a corner and increasingly radicalized by crazy mullahs.

Now the good news

The current trend toward blanket hatred and persecution of all immigrants to the United States is especially disturbing.   The Creek Confederacy always welcomed new members,  because the leaders had learned by experience, without knowing what DNA was, that new blood lines helped prevent birth defects and promoted hybrid vigor.  Newcomers introduced new technical innovations, which benefited all members of the Confederacy and stimulated cultural life.  This has been the exact experience in Landskrona, when it welcomed people from around the world, who really wanted to be a part of the community.

Middle Eastern immigrants typically avoid being assigned to Landskrona because of the reputation of its police.  Nevertheless, Landskrona has displayed the same hospitality to the many thousands of new residents from Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia that it did to me.   The city’s new residents have enriched  its cultural life and economic life.  They are generally well accepted and a considerable level of intermarriage is occurring with Latin Americans.   You know Swedes can be on the boring side.  The Africans and Latin Americans have brought a love of life into the city.  You will notice that many of the “Latin” musicians and dancers in the video are actually Swedes.   Carnaval Rio . . . The annual celebration of Landskrona’s multi-ethnic population is becoming an international tourist attraction.

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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    This is the kind of journalism that USED to interest people. From a real journalist who has actually been there, did something there, knows real people there, and tells the story from a unique perspective.

    How I WOULD LOVE to see these kinds of articles in print again, perhaps I would even buy the journal!

    Alas, likely will never happen. Would NEVER pass the censors, not short enough, not cookie cutter enough, too many big words, too “negative” (it’s supposed to be happy happy happy, no problems mentioned) AND it is beyond elementary school level, AND dare I say it…
    Not fake enough.

    Thank you for your perspective. I hope someone prints it in Scandinavia, so they can see that we Americans are not all total idiots.

    (Lol! but we’re getting close to it!)

    • Yes, they think we are uneducated idiots . . . but then again . . . the Swedish government officials opened up pandora’s box themselves. The US had nothing to do with it.


    Dear Richard,
    Take care of yourself! A library intern in the nearby college town, expressed concerns for your safety. the current column has moved me, deeply.
    As a military dependent child, I was in Germany from late 1946, ’til being air-evacuated out, due to the Russian scare two years later. The memories of the ruins of war will remain with me, forever!

    • Be more concerned for those who try to harm me. Remember, I am Keeper of the Wind Clan. Bad things happen to people who dig up Creek mounds or try to harm a Keeper.


    eventually resegregation occurs…Isaiah 13:14

    probably right after the TARES go directly into the OVENS of Truth : Matthew 13:39-43
    {9/11 Truth Rally}…NO MSM coverage…?

    Jesus declares that the two legged snakes will be the first into the ovens of truth
    because it is they who compass land and sea to make a Proselyte who would otherwise
    probably be living in Birobidjan

    Truth is there is plenty of stolen {legderdemain} “Money” to pay for Justice….

    BUT FIRST comes the Truth and righteous JUDGEMENT…!


    Amen, Richard!

    And thank’s for the thoughtful summation of the situation.

    If only others might come to understand, and heed the warning.


    It does not matter that there are no poor people visible in Sweden or that some people drive MB’s and appear to be rich. The rich we will always have with us, even in the old USSR the political elite functioned as a wealthy class. And one can – if one confiscates enough of the national wealth – give the poor a reasonable standard of living. The trick is to keep the poor from starving while not confiscating an large share of the national income – a task at which Sweden has failed miserably.

    • It was not failing until the Social Democratic Party welcomed in hundreds of thousands of immigrants, who had no intention of working anywhere.


    We need a good pic of Richard Thornton so we can know what a Creek Lapp looks like.


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