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Honoring our veterans by Colonel Dewey Painter

As a veteran of 22 years active duty, with three tours in Vietnam, I cannot let November 11 pass without some extraordinary effort to remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom, with their lives, and those that continue to walk upon the land.

I am reminded of Psalms 116:9 “I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.”  May we not let one veteran or serving GI pass us by without stopping to thank them for their sacrifice as the walk through the land of the free and the brave.
I believe the attached video says what a thousand of my words cannot utter.  Please view it and then pass on to others in support of the upcoming Veterans Day November 11th.

                   MANSIONS OF THE LORD

Put aside the day’s clutter, take a moment… Absolutely one of the best tributes to our military that I’ve ever seen, Simply awesome…  It should start playing by itself. Sound UP.! Full Screen.!

Thank you
Dewey Painter
About Dewey Painter
Colonel/Dr. Painter, USAFR.  is a Creek, living in Jacksonville, Florida. Would you believe that he holds SEVERAL doctorate degrees?   He is President of the Southeastern American Indian Council and has recently been named Chancellor of the University of Israel (USA.)   In recent years, he has spent much of his time helping the needy in both the United States and foreign countries. He is one special man and a blessing to us all.   We are also proud to say that Dewey has been a longtime member of the People of One Fire.
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Dennis Partridge is the owner of AccessGenealogy, a website continuously published since 1999. It’s crowning achievement is in providing Native American researchers an avenue for research online. With partnerships between it and Fold3, Native American data has finally been provided to the masses electronically. Dennis is a husband and father of three children and presently lives in Columbus, Georgia. He descends from the Greenia family of Swanton and Highgate Vermont known French/Metis/Abenaki settlements which currently house the Missisiquoi-Abenaki Tribe of Vermont, with which many of his Greenia cousins are members. His ancestry descends from some of the earliest and largest fur traders including Pierre Roy, Nicholas Pelletier and Moise Dupuis.

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    I received a message and the video from Dr Painter. It was moving. I have met him personally more than once and have found him to be an extraordinary but kind and humble man. I sent my thanks to him for his 22 years of active service and his 3 tours of Vietnam. He replied with his thanks for my service – even though my 2 years of service in the Army spent in Germany pails in comparison to his.


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