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How corrupt government officials avoid detection

How corrupt government officials avoid detection


Bubba Mountain Lion’s Guide to Successfully Delaying Punishment for Your Sins Until All Eternity

One big advantage of being poor and homeless, plus having rogue cops going around the countryside telling folks that you are crazy, is that you become a mobile bio-tape recorder, which documents the interrelationships of the bad guys and gals . . . eventually creating a tapestry of very sticky fly paper.   The motto of the true state religion of the United States is “In Paper Wealth We Trust.”   Thus, anyone who has not accumulated a respectable inventory of paper wealth is viewed as stupid and powerless.  Bureaucrats-behaving-badly get careless in such situations.

My close encounters of a third kind with moles for organized crime in state government are far more personal than I can let on in this article.  However, you will just have to trust me, when I say that I know what I am talking about.

The flow of wealth into federally-recognized Native American tribes from casino operations and business investments has created the same type of tempting environments for organized crime that have long existed in state governments and federal agencies.   Periodically, we will read headlines about an FBI agent getting busted after spying for the Russians many years, a tribal bureaucrat being sent to federal prison for embezzling tribal funds  or a state employee being busted for grotesque personal use of a state credit card, but these are the exceptions . . . plus more often than not, they are the amateurs, who didn’t play by the rules.  They are often free-lancers, who are not part of the web of organized crime . . . or else that were so far down the totem pole that they were considered expendable.  Those law enforcement agencies with criminal ties,  like to arrest the free lancers periodically so no one will question why the big sharks operate with impunity.

Special Dedication for this article

This article is dedicated to the young FBI agent in the Atlanta field office, who answered my desperate cellular phone call on the morning of June 11, 2010.   The night before at exactly 1:00 AM,  eight car loads of Neo-Nazi’s attacked my campsite in Chattahoochee National Forest on Wolf Creek in Union County, GA without any provocation whatsoever.  I was merely studying a nearby archaeological site.

The dogs and I had run off, but about 100 feet down the trail, the path terminated at a rock cliff and there was no way to escape.  I was heavily armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle filled with armor piercing bullets, plus the same Navy K-Bar knife that I had carried with me in the jungles of Central America, decades earlier.  Had the leaders of the attackers stepped five feet closer into the dense mountain laurel thicket, you would have remembered the headlines.

The FBI agent’s response . . . even though I told him I was a Native American . . . “The FBI doesn’t get involved with such things.”

While the $80,000 a year FBI Special Agent went merrily on his way, busting petty thieves, who tickle the cash flow of major corporations . . . on virtually no income, I was able to quickly figure out that the leaders of the terrorist group were two senior sheriff’s deputies and the followers were a neo-Nazi cell based at a nearby Southern Baptist Church.   The primary responsibility of the two deputies was to assist local US Forest Service employees in protecting marijuana growing operations in the national forest near Wolf Creek.

You honest G-men and G-women out there can consider this a primer on how to do your job better . . . or just do your job, period.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing

So . . . if you desire to sell your soul in order to gain wealth and power without having to work for it . . . here are the step by step rules:

(1) Be a team player!

The operations of many federal, state and tribal agencies has degenerated into fiefdoms controlled by various criminal organizations, cults and political groups.  An especially talented member of the criminal organization, cult or political groups climbs his or her way up to a middle level administrative position.  At that point, he or she begins to fill his or her staff with kindred vermin. Eventually, the vermin fill the administrative positions with their people up to the highest civil service position.  It doesn’t matter who an honest president, governor or principal chief appoints to head a department or agency,  any reform efforts are neutralized by buildings filled with human rats.

I know this for a fact, since a close friend of mine was a therapist in Wilmington, DE, who worked with escapees of cults.  For decades, satanic cults have been sending their young people to work in healthcare as nurses and doctors, plus in military intelligence units, tertiary federal law enforcement or the National Security Agency.   The founder of the Church of Satan was a colonel in US Army Intelligence.

In 1991, someone beamed strange sound waves into my rural farmhouse in Virginia.  I recorded the sounds and then took the tape to my friend in Wilmington, DE.  While I was present, Deena played the tape to young men and women, who had escaped a Satanic Cult in Asheville, North Carolina.  She thought that they would be able to explain the meaning of the sounds.  Instead, all five young adults jerked to a standing position, started shaking uncontrollably then went into a catatonic state like zombies.  Deena had to call in a medical doctor to bring them back to normalcy with powerful drugs. 

The scene was so spooky that  Deena quickly stopped counseling people, who had been in cults. I drove back home to Virginia, thinking that I had been in the Twilight Zone.  It was no wonder that the new TV series, The X Files, set so many plots in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Delaware! 

These rats are very skilled at looking like dedicated public employees.  They don’t wear signs that say, “I’m a Mafia mole” or “I’m a witch”  or “My dream is to create a fascist state.”   Also, they typically have those moles placed in tertiary law enforcement and military to protect them.   The FBI was carried out the most expensive man-hunt in US history in the search for Olympic Games bomber, Eric Rudolph.  Meanwhile,  certain TVA Police and US Forest Service Law Enforcement Rangers were monitoring their every move.  One of the key personnel at the FBI Quantico Training Center was a satanist, who made sure that honest investigators didn’t catch the occult connection to Rudolph’s long evasion from the law.

I was furious after being harassed by the Cherokee Tribal Police, because two illegal Estonian workers in a Cherokee, NC restaurant thought I was a “government spy.”  As soon as I got home in 2006 from discovering that the North Carolina Cherokee Reservation was filled with foreign workers from Eastern Europe with fake passports and bogus student visas . . .  and that the Cherokee Tribal Police were merely hired security guards for the Russian Mafia . . . I complained both to the Immigration and Naturalization Service Regional Office in Atlanta and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, DC.  At that time, I was an award-winning architect and Georgia Trail of Tears Organization president . . . not my current status of being poor, mixed heritage trash.

Nothing happened.  You know why?   The head of the INS office in Western North Carolina was on the Eastern Band of Cherokees tribal council and she had filled her staff with tribal members.  The Assistant Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs also doubled as a prominent leader on the North Carolina Cherokee Reservation.  Arrests are being made now on the North Carolina Cherokee Reservation, but 11 years have passed since my ordeal there.

(2) Play the gender or race card

Typically, but not always,  you only find heavy organized crime activity among ethnic minorities in federally recognized Native American tribes or in regions dominated by the Democratic Party.   However, female organized crime is an equal opportunity pollutant in both predominantly Republican and Democratic regions.

Now I adore women in general.  My ex-girlfriends will never say that I mistreated them in any way . . . and my sister is one of my best friends . . . but I don’t like women, who ride around on brooms.  There are a lot of broom closets in certain federal and state agencies these days.

Under the disguise of “affirmative action,”  Caucasian women in the occult have taken control of certain governmental agencies.  They are easy to spot.  A woman is appointed to be a department head.  She quickly gets rid of the men in the office.  Within a relatively short period, almost all of her staff are females, except perhaps one or two “token” gay males.   Then she starts finding reasons to fire male department heads or park superintendents to be replaced by women.

Over time, the process looks increasingly less like gender politics and increasingly more like organized crime.  The all female bureaucrats only award government contracts or honorary awards to females or homosexuals.  Then they began increasingly involved in overt criminal acts to cover up previous actions or as part of “business deals” with criminal organizations and political groups.  

For example,  as most of you know, I was illegally evicted on Christmas Eve 2009 with only three days notice, when I was supposed to close on a FannieMae mitigation loan in mid-January.   Even after FannieMae admitted they had made a mistake, the administrator would not let me back into my home to close on the loan.   This was all part of a very complex scheme, which makes you wonder, if anything we read in recent United States history is factual.

The occult planned to assassinate President Obama, during the first weekend in April 2010, while he was on vacation in Asheville, NC in order to instigate a racial war.  I designed the revitalized Downtown Asheville that you see today so my association with the scheme would have special significance to the occult.  For months in advance, my life was being manipulated illegally to make it appear plausible that I was the assassin.  I would be painted by the media as a crazed loner, who blamed the president for being evicted on Christmas Eve. 

First, of all no one dreamed that I could thrive in a mountain wilderness campsite after being given such short notice.  Then I was invited to live in the cabin on Fontana Lake in Western North Carolina, where Eric Rudolph hid out.  I was then invited by a newly divorced lady in Asheville to come spend the first weekend in April with her.  She had been a casual friend, when I lived in Asheville.  However, no one considered the possibility that I would not have the money to fix a flat tire in order to drive to Asheville that weekend.  So quickly forgotten history only records that the Secret Service arrested some persons in law enforcement, while the president was vacationing in Asheville. 

Everyone involved with the complex scheme were female attorneys, realtors or federal government employees.

(3)  Delayed gratification

The most common way that government employees are rewarded for service to organized crime is after retirement . . . a time when FBI agents rarely investigate a bureaucrat’s illegal activities.  This is how it works in the Georgia state government.  I assume that the process is the same for other governments.  Moles for organized crime are given small “outside” jobs to bring in a little additional income.  The additional income is legal, so varied and relatively insignificant that the additional income does not attract law enforcement scrutiny.  Meanwhile,  administrators in the occult or organized crime steadily promote the mole upward so that he or she can live comfortably on legitimate income.

After retirement, the big reward comes.  The traitor is given lucrative business contracts and tipped off in advance about stock market manipulations.   Within a short time, the traitor is extremely wealthy,  but no one notices because they were no longer government employees.

Those in law enforcement and military, who protected organized crime, are rewarded a little differently.   Western North Carolina and the northern face of the Georgia Mountains is filled with the grandiose “retirement homes” of narcotics cops, judges,  Coast Guard personnel and US Air Force officers, who formerly lived in Florida or along the Gulf Coast.  Sometimes the estates were started while the owners were still working, but were so far away from where they worked, no one knew about them.   Other estates were owned by persons associated with organized crime, but were sold to the current owners at a drastically deflated price, after they retired.

It is typical for newcomers to the Southern Appalachians, who made their wealth off of illegal drugs, to donate heavily to local fundamentalist churches and civic organizations.  They espouse Christian Conservative causes like “keeping the drugs away from kids,” when in fact they were or are drug dealers.  Because fundamentalist Christians in Dixie today already believe the heresy that God has blessed the rich because of their righteousness, it never dawns on the locals that perhaps these wealthy newcomers, who lead their churches, are scumbags.

One of the most prominent community leaders in the region, is a retired Air Force general, who during the George W. Bush Administration, would order the entire Gulf Coast air defense radar system shut off, when planes carrying cocaine from one of the Colombian cartels, approached US air space.   He would leave the radar system operative when planes from competing Colombian cartels entered US air space.  So . . . people would see Colombian cocaine planes being captured by the DEA, but not realize that in the process the Cali Cartel was gaining a monopoly.


And now you know!


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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    I believe you. I have a feeling many won’t, but I do. So glad you’ve documented this here. You survivor, you!


    I believe you as well.
    In the late ’80’s I was targeted because I expressed my concerns to the local sheriff about the possibility of a deputy’s links to a Satanic cult operating in West GA and east AL. A few days before I went to the sheriff some of our local kids found a hog that had been sacrificed just down the road from my house. The hog had been stolen from a nearby farmer and missing for several weeks.
    After talking to the sheriff, I noticed strange cars slowly cruising past my place at all hours. Then I came home from town one day and found that someone had blown a hole through my mail box with a shotgun. It terrified my kids. Instead of replacing the mailbox, I hammered the metal flat, put duct tape inside and out to protect our mailman, and put it back on the post.
    I also filed a report with the local sheriff’s department, the post master at the federal, and called my uncle who was a sheriff in a nearby county and told him what was going on. I ressured him that most of the deputies in the area would not give me too much trouble, as I was the one that sighted in their deer rifles every year, and most of them have seen me shooting on the range, skeet shoots, or dove fields.

    I also had problems after I moved to FL, with the fake head of FL AIM telling some lies that eventually had word coming to me that I was gonna get taken out if I went to Tama village that year. I called a friend of mine there to get him to act as mediator and asked to meet the real AIM leader. Turns out he had recieved the same threats (supposedly from me) that I was recieving (supposedly from him). We met, talked (with his body guards present) and got the air cleared and figured out where the real trouble was coming from. Then his family came to my camp and we all had dinner together. I never told him that during that time I was being followed or that on several occasions I had approached a car doing survaillance on my house only to have it speed off before I could get close enough to see who was in it.

    Most people live their lives in total oblivion, until reality hits them between the eyes. Then all they want is to go back to sleep and continue living in the comfort of their ignorance. I just can’t do that.

    • That’s a very interesting story and it does not surprise me that Satanic types would want to break up spiritual Creeks. The thing with the weird sound really happened. As I said, It was so unexpected that it seemed surrealistic. The poor therapist totally freaked out. She was a licensed mental health professional and didn’t know what in the heck was going on. After that, she went back to counseling women who were unhappy in their marriage . . . much safer activity.


    I definitely believe you Mr. Richard. Way back in the early 70’s my girl friend talked me into moving to Cherokee, N.C. to work at Frontierland. She had gotten a job there and would get me one cause she didn’t want to go by herself to live there. Even way back then we found out about ties to the mafia being there and entangled in the amusement parks there and at Maggie Valley as well as several that they had in Florida. These are where some would go to work at when Frontierland closed in October and come back in the spring when the park reopened. Things weren’t as they are now no casino, they where just talking about the museum, but you got the impression that something wasn’t quite right as it seemed. I made it one season and I was ready to come home to Tn. I had had enough of shady characters and strange encounters and mysterious happenings that I had experienced while there.


    Richard, I now know there’s more than “Gold in them there hills” based on your statements. Greed is going to lead a lot of people to Hell. GOD Bless.
    The Great pyramids of Giza in Egypt have lasted the span of many corrupt organizations created by man. Set too represent the index finger – Hand – wrist that Y H W H GOD created for all of us pointing to the Mountains of Armenia where Noah landed his ARK. Following along that 45 degree line (from True North) of Giza is an ancient location of dozens of “T” shaped stone pillars with all kinds of GOD’s animals images on them. A reminder to man Not to anger Almighty GOD. Many flood stories all around the world from our ancient elders.


    My only concern with posts of this nature is that people will use them as a reason to dismiss your other observations thus neutralizing your effectiveness.

    • Come back later when you see the number of arrests made by the FBI among the current Eastern Band of Cherokee leadership. Former EBC Principal Chief Clark called their crimes “heinous” in an North Carolina newspaper interview.

    • Someone just sent me this Youtube documentary after reading my reply to you. A retired FBI agent said EXACTLY what I said. By the way, many moons ago, I was a key witness in an investigation by the Joint Dept. of Justice Task Force on Local & State Government Corruption . . . after a client of mine, an investigative reporter for the Washington Post, was murdered.


    Hi Richard

    I’ve been reading some of your older posts that I missed when I was away from the net this summer. I don’t remember if I passed this off to you yet or not .. check out the work of Anna Von Reitz and Paul Stramer LIncoln. I think they are on to something. It’s an interesting take on the history that’s been left out of the textbooks, as well as some possible solutions if enough of us catch on to the hustle that’s being run. These folks are not ‘fringies’ and they make sense. Unfortunately, the level of entrenchment you describe is not localized, but endemic. In my area, the wife of the judge who handles most of the drug and alcohol cases owns the most of the treatment centers. Go figure. Small potatoes compared to what you’ve gone through, but an example here that’s common knowledge. Now that the judges’ oath is nullified in regards to the constitution (Anna) how will we ever get enforcement?

    • There is the same thing in the next county. At a public Republican rally that included the governor and secretary of state, a party official threw out the only female reporter because he thought that she was a spy for Hillary Clinton. Actually this reporter was non-partisan. The cops roughed the lady reporter up and then charged her with two crimes. The governor just appointed the party official, who threw out the female reporter as a state judge!


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