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Interview with Jim Loewen: Lies My Teacher Told Me

Dr. Jim Loewen, is a long time subscriber to the People of One Fire.  Very shortly after I moved to this cabin,  Jim and his wife rode Amtrak from Washington, DC to Atlanta, then rented a car to drive up to the mountains to visit with me.  He is one of the few people in POOF that have seen my current environs AND visited Amicalola Falls.

Prior to then, about all I knew about him was that he would email me suggested corrections to my grammar and spelling.   I don’t think that he realized that at the time I was living in a tent, hand-writing newsletters at the campsite in the Smoky Mountains, then sending them out from a video games parlor in Robbinsville, NC.  LOL  Try to write anything of substance when the combined cacophony of two dozen plus video games are going on . . .  all of them involving machine gun, bombs, artillery and grunting Rambos.

In his best-selling book,  Jim decries the hero worship in modern textbooks, but ironically, he has been one of my principal inspirations in the quest to discover the true Native American and Colonial History of the Southeast.  Trust me . . . it is exactly as he says in his book and in the interview below.   So much that young people are taught in history books is either false or not the whole truth.  Just as he says in the interview, very few of the state historic markers are completely accurate.  Many are patently false.

I think that you will enjoy this interview with him that was broadcast on C-SPAN almost 20 years ago.


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    Thank you for this video. I quote Loewen often in my research. Our text book situation has not improved in fact our education has become more for profit than ever. It saddens me. How can we rectify this?


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