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Living among the spirits of one’s ancestors

Living among the spirits of one’s ancestors


Amana, the Spiral Goddess was worshiped here!

Life has turned a whole lot of the better . . . the water here does not smell like a dead animal and all surfaces of house are not covered with rat urine and feces. It is surrealistic feeling digging through furniture and personal belongings that I have not seen since December 24, 2009.  My world as I knew it suddenly stopped at 8:24 AM on December 21, 2009,  when two deputies showed up unexpectedly with an eviction notice that said that I had to be out of the house by 6:00 PM Christmas Eve.  I showed them a letter from Fannie Mae, dated December 12, 2009, which set the closing date for a mitigation loan on January 12, 2010.  It was not their concern, they said.  One of the stranger things I did in the panic to pack and remove all belongings from the house in three days was to put a bag of Idaho Red Potatoes in a cabinet I used for storing drafting equipment.  Eight years and five months later, the potatoes had turned to brown dust.

Unfortunately,  my herd dog pups think that any plastic bag labeled with “Home Depot” or “Ace Hardware” contains toys that Daddy has brought home for them to play with. LOL   I am still extremely busy moving in, plus installing bathroom accessories and shelving to hold my long unseen  belongings.  There is an intermittent parade of construction specialists coming in to bring various aspects of the house up to code, repair water damage or remove dying pine trees. The sparsity of POOF articles and Youtube videos will continue until I get more settled.   However, I thought you would be interested in one of my immediate surprises.  I am sitting on an ancient worship and burial site! 

Mama Ruby always said that our ancestral mother towns were in Savannah and the Nacoochee Valley.  Papa Obie and Mama Ruby intentionally went to Tallulah Falls and the Nacoochee Valley on their honeymoon, because they were considered Creek sacred places. I was not sure how that fact would manifest itself, but has turned out to be a good thing.

This symbol appears on the house’s SW windows.

Even before moving in, I heard hints from locals that either the site was haunted or that an Earth Mother (aka “white witch”) formerly lived here.  That was one of the reasons that the house remained on the market for a long time.   Indeed, I have found several decals on windows, wall paintings in closets,  field stone arrangements or carvings on exposed wood, which are symbols of the Spiral Goddess, Amana . . . more commonly called Gaia by contemporary New Age occultists.  The artists unknowingly re-created the sacred symbols of the Bronze Age peoples, who settled in this valley over 3,000 years ago.  Most here are commonly found on the Atlantic Coasts of Iberia and France and are believed to have been associated with Atlantis, whatever and wherever Atlantis was.

The previous occupants were apparently trying to keep “evil spirits” from coming in the house.  They are not evil spirits.  They are the souls of my ancestors.  The spiral window decals are all on the side of the house nearest an ancient burial mound about 125 southwest of the house.  It sits on an artificial U-shaped terrace facing the Winter Solstice Sunset.   I have also found remnants of ancient stone walls for ceremonial or agricultural terraces.

My dogs immediately spotted the burial mound as soon as they arrived permanently.  They went straight to the mound and began sniffing it.  The young pups go there several times a day to play.  Herd dogs from the British  Isles have the uncanny ability to see ghosts.   I have often used my dogs to find previously unknown Native American village and mound sites.  They will play with Native American Spirit Children and Animals,  but also growl ferociously at malevolent spirits, which at least I can’t see.  They  also can sense when humans are demonically possessed.  

The oldest “rune stones” in Sweden do not contain runic writing and look like the one found in the Nacoochee Valley. Note the spiral!

The Nacoochee Stela (aka rune stone) was found along the old Unicoi Turnpike at the bottom of the mountain slope, where this house is located.  To the west at the crest of Alec Mountain is the Alec Mountain Stone Circle.   “Alek” is the pre-Germanic Scandinavian word for “medicine.”  It is now the root of the modern Swedish word for a medical doctor.  The Alekmani (Medicine People in Archaic Swedish and Danish) were a tribe in Georgia, mentioned by Captain René de Laudonnière, Commander of Fort Caroline, in his memoirs.

I didn’t believe in ghosts until 1987, when I purchased a 250 year old Shenandoah Valley farm that had been the site of two Woodland Period Native villages, a Confederate hospital, the third largest cavalry battle of the Civil War and then a Union hospital.  Three years after returning to Georgia, I happened to look up the Civil War records of one of my gg-grandfathers.   It turns out that he had been captured, while on picket duty at the entrance to my Virginia farm’s driveway on November 8, 1864.    You go figure!

In several rooms in the house were blood stains in the shape of Civil War soldiers.  While digging a trench for the underground power, we encountered several skeletons of Civil War soldiers.  The only manifestation of ghosts that I could see were ribbons of light that would zip across the pastures at night about 5-6 feet above the ground.  However, my herd dogs could see them all.  Their favorite was a young girl, who they played with frequently.  On a couple of occasions, I heard her voice at night, but couldn’t ever see her, like the dogs could. Both at our house and a neighbor’s house also built in the 1700s,  the girl ghost would sometimes be heard downstairs at night, sweeping the floor.  There would be a pile of dust and debris in the kitchen the following morning.

Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits

There are numerous horror stories from non-Indigenous people, who built a house on top of a burial mound or even camped on top of a mound.  People with substantial Native American ancestry typically do not have such negative experiences in similar situations. If I get any sensation, it is the same feeling that one gets attending a family reunion.

There seems to be several types of Native American Grandparent Spirits.   One type functions as a Guardian Angel for a specific individual.  Another type stands guard over a household or village.  In Creek tradition,  an especially righteous person at death was given the option by the Master of Life for remaining in their community and taking the form of an owl, which warned the village when enemies or predators were approaching.  A third type could best be described as “spiritual warriors.”   They are the souls of especially righteous warriors, who either fight against spiritual armies that serve the Horned Serpent or else swarm over evil people like Yellow Jackets, whose nest has been disturbed.  A fourth type of Grandparent Spirit is part of a spirit community that remained at a village or town site after the occupants died and the village was abandoned.  Their characteristics are a mixture of the previous three described.

Just judging from the dogs’ behavior, my guess is that the fourth type of Grandparent Spirits are occupying this mountainside. They seem to be growing in number as word gets out that there is a descendant back in town. 



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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    Welcome home.


    Hi Richard, Nice to hear you are settling in your new home. It sound as if your g g grandparents are welcoming you back..


    Sounds all good to me, Richard. Glad to know you and the pups are finally coming home where you belong. So glad everything is falling into place and at long last you have your personal belongings back. May the spirits of your ancestors watch over you so that you may have peace at last and the means to carry on with your life’s mission – to help find the truth that lies out there somewhere. Blessings.


    May Ilape, Atoya and Amana bless you and bless others through you!


    Richard, There are some pyroglyphs (?) in large rocks on a ridge in Blount County, Alabama.They have circles etched into the rocks that look similar to the Alee Mt designs.There are some pics of them in an old book called Old Tales of Blount County, Alabama ,by Robin Sterling.Are you familiar with these? Travis Abbott

    • No I am not. However, I am convinced that the same ethnic group occupied all of the Georgia Gold Belt in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.


    Richard, Congrats on your new happy home in the land of the ancient Medicine People!! A symbol associated with them would be the wise owl. What was the name of that famous wizard in the Roman-Britton times (300-400 AD)? Curiously the Royal city of the Apalachee “Melilot” has some same sounds to the Roman-Britton word: “Camelot” (Camulodunum) is believed to the oldest continually occupied city in Britton (8800 BC with of course a Stonehenge). I hope you and your dogs will be happy now!


      Richard?, How did the wizards hat style of the Celtic Britons /Togha/ Welsh end up on the head of a Toltec King by the name Quetzalcoatl? Also worn by Cherokee medicine men…another piece of the puzzle… roman coins found as far as Mexico? Some of the Celtic Britons / Welsh must have made there way to Virginia (a Welsh speaking tribe was noted there in the 16th century). Notice the symbol correspondingly found at Etowah (E Tula) and with the Toltecs. Is It your understanding that the Apalachee people arrived to Georgia from Virginia in the 13th century? I they stated they built a road all the way to Mexico and a city there? The Apalachee people seem to be a people that clearly have connections to Western Europe: (the Toltec symbol on the top of the Wizard hat)


        A hat is a hat, and Quetzacoatal has nothing to do with any Gaelic, Breton, or any other other old world deities. Native Americans evolved their languages, cultures, and genetics in isolation from all Asians, Eurasians, or European cultures. This is hard for Black and White Americans to stomache because they are so desparate to find their own ancestors in the faces and practices of the American Indians. Euros and Afros have no deep ties to the ancient cultural practices of the NA natives of the Americas. sorry but thats just the way it is.

        • Before using more pejorative language, you better read more of our articles about the Uchee, Georgia Petroglyphs and linguistics. There are no DNA test markers for the Muskogean tribes of the Southeast and the Uchee. We are just trying to find out who we are. Many of us in Georgia are Creek-Uchee. The Uchee consistently have said that they came across the Atlantic from the Home of the Sun. Most of Georgia’s petroglyphs are absolutely identical to Bronze Age petroglyphs in SW Ireland, Sjoland, Denmark and southern Sweden. All but two of the pre-Colonial period glyphs on the Track Rock Gap petroglyphs can be found at the Nykoping, Sweden petroglyph site, which has been dated at 2000 BC. The Alekmani People on the Altamaha River in Georgia told the French at Fort Caroline that their name meant “Medicine People.” “Medicine People” in Archaic Swedish, but not Archaic Danish, was Alek Mani. Jag kan taler Svenska.


          Normandie, actually there is very strong evidence that Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs and Kukulkan of the Mayans and all other variations of the Plumed Serpent warrior Snake Kings originally crossed the Atlantic as Phoenicians from Egypt. The evidence is actually very strong. The elongated skulls from Paracas are 100% from the region of the Black Sea to modern day Turkey. They undoubtedly had light skin, reddish brown hair, green eyes, and brown freckles (likely on their shoulders and splashed across the bridge of their nose as the Royal Scythians did). All of this is known from extensive DNA analysis of 17 elongated skull remains. Being able to tan doesn’t make you exceptional in any way. It just means you don’t have to waste money on sunscreen. As for black folks. When the first Spaniards arrived on the mainland the local brown skinned tribes were warring with a black skinned tribe and the Spanish agreed to help them capture and enslave the black skinned tribe in exchange for gold. This is well documented, actually, because the black skinned tribe was made up of fierce large muscular warriors and the Spaniards had to trick them to catch them off guard. They brought them back to the islands with them. The first Natives in the Carolinas and Virginia were light skinned, blue or green eyed, brown or reddish brown haired, freckled, and very large (seemingly a mix of races). Some of them even had golden yellow hair and the Spaniards, being darker skinned, called them a “White Race”. Your racial identity was conjured up by fools and deceivers. There were over 5,000 tribes from Alaska and Canada down to the southernmost tip of Argentina and Chile. All colors. All people of the world. There was more than one Columbus, they just came under various names and races, conquering and being conquered. See the real color painting of Matoaka (Pocahontas). 100% Powhatan. This is from 1618. If she had posed nude I guess she’d look more Indian to you? Could see the tattoos on her arms and the spiral tattoos around her breasts then.


    Again U mention something close to home that I heard out in south Dakota from a yuwipi man about Dakota people coming from an island somewhere abouts present day Bermuda. A flood and then boats west to present day winyah bay south Carolina.weh-nee-yah meaning breath of life in lakota

    • Craig that is interesting. All of the Souian Peoples, including the Kansa and Mandan trace their origins to coastal South Carolina!


        A medicine man from a nakoda band in Canada told me that any descendants of current day Siouan peoples are a mix of assiniboine stoney sioux. Dakota Lakota and nakota. Which may explain why the catawba name bears a resemblance to a band of stoney that were called catuwabi.

        Canknuhabi (‘Ones That Carry Their Wood’), Cątų́wąbi (‘Forest Villagers, Wood Villagers’)

        • Except the Catawba did not call themselves the Catawba. That’s an Anglicization of an Itza Maya tribal name in North Georgia, Katawpa. The South Carolina Katawpa called themselves the Issa. Originally, the Muskogean Katawpa were the elite of the Issa.


        Could this mean a very strong creek and ancient eastern Dakota alliance and trade with caddo speaking peoples? I’ve heard stories about villagers that had feverish dreams ” of an invading force from across the drink that would be able to decimate without the use of force or touch ( guns/pestilence) hence the mad dash back north and then west out onto the plains again. The use of the abalone shell. When there were none on the plains.a word passed to me from my grandmother yrs ago ” wopina” meaning thank u by the southern santee but out west it means gratitude”


    Original inhabitants of cotifacheque ?

    • Their name is Muskogean. Kofitvcheki means “Mixed Race People” or “Mixed Tribe People.” One can assume that at least one of the tribe mixed together were Muskogean, since the town had a Creek name.


    Interesting . . . I researched some things about Spirits/Dreams/Visions last night & visitations from the departed particularly . . . I don’t intend to get into any detail about this here, but suffice it to say that this subject matter is actually what’s brought me to a serious contemplation/investigation of my n8v Ancestry . . . I just thought/felt I should share this . . . Again, interesting timing


    Dear Richard,
    I am so happy to hear that your new path has brought you to a Welcoming Homecoming with your Ancestral Family. May you and the pups be Truly at Home Sweet Home Now.


    Thank u Richard .I haven’t really had the time to comment on your research .but I enjoy reading them. Secondly congrats on your move up and out and into new beginnings. Out west when we come into new things( I do not know what practices u observe) we put out tobacco and spirit plates for ancestors. They tend to like sweet things and jerky. Small portions and a prayer is what I do. And sometimes things transpire not long after but good things.


    Back in 2014 I was in Pipestone mn working for the little feather center .while on facebook a story surfaced about a young man receiving his ancestors medicine bundle. And he opened its contents and found a rune with letters inscribed . I went to a site that had the meanings of the symbols and it turned out to be an ode to” apparently there was a Norse man who had become the adopted brother of this north man and he decided to write a poem about his native brother being a great horseman . the way id imagine it is that these two were close and he’d travel and stay for god knows how long and then return . I’ve no doubt about a connection but I cannot find the article anywhere . I have not seen it myself but I’m told some very tall native people in Canada have been born with gray eyes. Extraordinarily unusual but it kinda makes sense. I also share the theory with a handful of people that sea faring Africans visited the eastern shores would trade visit exchange culture and then return to Africa . but why proof of it was never passed down by either side in their oral histories is beyond me. I’m beginning to believe the stories about an Atlantis an island and a deluge after a glacial period . and people simply forgot that they’d lived together at one point.


    I am sure you are aware that similar symbols appear in ancient Egypt, Sumerian and Babylonian periods as well as in South America pre-dating the Bible. I am especially interested in the ancient story that the descendants of Cain were later brought into the Peru area after the flood. As the ancient story goes they were easily recognized and apart from others NOT (as racist “Christians” love to point out) because they were darker (that would never describe the Olmec) but because of their inability to grow facial hair-that was the true “mark of Cain” and immediately noticeable to all… An interesting theory as good as any I have heard to date + very ancient in nature.


    This is Charlie Johnson on Folly Beach. I posted here last night 6/3/2018. I have a ghost story to relate from here. I have a friend who was riding his bike at the county park on this beach down by the rivermouth to Kiawah Island. He is about 75 years old and was in the Army in the early 60’s in DC at the Soviet Embassy there. He doesn’t imagine things therefore. He saw a guy dressed up in a confederate general outfit walking on the beach. The guy told him “I’m with the reenactment.” Leo thought that there was no reenactment here, then he looked back around, and the guy had disappeared, in broad daylight. This was the time of year in April when there is a Civil War reenactment on Johns Island.


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