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Video: The False Gods Looking Down on Teotihuacan

Video: The False Gods Looking Down on Teotihuacan


Horrific activities on the top of Cerro Gordo, overlooking Teotihuacan, explain the origin of the city of Teotihuacan.

Connecting the lines between the dots at Teotihuacan has brought me to a bizarre . . . well, macabre conclusion.  The conclusion is in the same genre of the plots of the  1960s TV Series,Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man” and the 1980s series, “V”.  We will tell you more about those later.  What I found was that there was essence of truth in the seemingly fantastical Mesoamerican traditions concerning the origins of their earliest civilizations.  If you take away the bizarre artistic descriptions of their deities and look at their architecture and religious practices, one can discern a scientific explanation of what seemed to Europeans to be a macabre manifestation of religion.  One can also explain some previously unexplained descriptions of traditions among the ancestors of the indigenous peoples in the Southeastern United States.

There were three types of human sacrifice practiced in Mesoamerica . . . (1) Terrorism of subjugated peoples (2) Ritualistic foundations of buildings and (3) ritualistic feeding of the gods.  Many Polynesian societies practiced all three forms of human sacrifice, but at a minuscule scale, compared to Mesoamerica. The Roman Empire and Medieval Europe also practiced the first two forms of human sacrifice, but generally not at the scale seen in Mesoamerica.  The gory public executions of Christians by pagan Rome was a form of terrorism meant to scare the populace into obedience to “old fashion values and beliefs.” 

Mass murder in the name of a religion is indeed, human sacrifice. The Aztecs certainly did not have a monopoly on that account. There are several accounts of rioting Christians in Egypt and the Middle East killing large numbers of pagans, merely because they were not Christians. Muslims, during the time of Mohamed, slaughtered entire cities of Jews and pagans according to the Q’uran. The Turkish Muslims killed or enslaved over three million Christians and Zoroastrians in eastern Anatolia during the 1500s and early 1600s.  An entire, defenseless Anatolian Christian city of over 250,000 inhabitants was slaughtered in two days by a Turkish army as an act of terrorism against remaining Christians.  Most people don’t know that in 1500 AD, over a third of the population of the Middle East was still Christian.

Once Christianity became a pan-European state church around 1100 AD, civil authorities and later the Inquisition practiced the first two types of sacrifices by publicly executing men and women, whose beliefs did not conform to that of the established order – whether they be labeled pagans, Arians, witches, heretics . . . or in the case of 12th century Ireland, practitioners of the original form of Christianity – The Irish Gaelic Christian Church. It is estimated that European rioters killed over 30,000 Jews during the First Crusade. The most grotesque example of human sacrifice at an industrial scale goes to the German Nazi’s, who sought to erase entire ethnic groups from Europe in the name of their perverted nationalistic religion.

The two types of walls found on the slopes of Cerro Gordo

The major structures at Teotihuacan were built over the burials of sacrificial buildings, but this research focuses on the ritualistic feeding of humans to the gods.  The video will go into more detail about my research, but here are the points that I tied together to come up with an explanation of the little known town on top of Cerro Gordo.  Note that there were three types of “giants” in the Americas . . . tall, super-sized skulls and skinny . . .  tall, normal skulls and muscular . . .  very tall, dim-witted and very muscular.

  • When climbing the south slope of Cerro Gordo on July 15, 1970, I labored over a seemingly endless succession of crudely stacked stone walls.  As can be seen above, most of the walls of agricultural terraces weighed from 100 to 500 pounds . . . the majority being 200 to 500 pounds.  However, the rocks in a fortress wall at the crest of Teotihuacan (right) could weigh up to over 2000 pounds.  After the release by NASA of high resolution imagery of the Teotihuacan Valley, I now realize that the stone-walled terraces covered an area over over 7,500 acres.  How this many large stones were lifted and stacked onto so many walls is purely within the realm of speculation.
  • Mesoamericans believed that Tepoztlan, Teotihuacan, Cholula and the Olmec Civilization were founded by very tall, big brained humans, who came down from the sky then became gods.  Tepoztlan was the birthplace of the first Quetzalcoatl, who introduced civilization to Mexico.  These giants had huge brain cavities, slim physiques and long, skinny arms.
  • It is a fact that super-tall, big-brained humans founded a civilization on the Nazca Plain of Peru about the same time that the “Olmec” Civilization was founded in Mexico. However, this was not the first civilization in Peru.  The DNA of the super-tall, big-brained people was trace in 2018 to a people originating in the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  They later migrated to the southeastern tip of Iran, where they were known as master sailors.
  • Mesoamericans told their Spanish conquerors that the “giants” or super-tall, big-brained people required diets very high in meat, bone and eggs  (calcium). If they received inadequate nutrition as children, they could be become mentally retarded.
  • It is Creek tradition and was observed by Europeans that the super-tall elite of the Creeks received special, high protein diets throughout their lives.  Also, the boys were nursed by their mothers longer than was typical for Creek children.  It was common for Great Suns (High Kings) to be seven feet tall.  Their skeletons have been found at such proto-Creek towns as Etula (Etowah),  Waka (Ocmulgee) and Itzasi (Lamar Village.
  • The Cherokees have a tradition that red-haired giants occupied the region of the North Carolina Mountains around Cullowhee and Judaculla Petroglyphic boulder, when they arrived in the region.  Although fanciful Cherokee interpretations have been ascribed to these place names, they are actually Muskogean words meaning “Principal town of the Curra People” and “Sky Over Curra.”   Curra was a Pictish province, composing the northern tip of Ireland and the western edge of Scotland, which was occupied by extremely large, red-haired people.  Isolated communities of these tall, brawny people, still exist in the Scottish Highlands.  The province of Curra in the North Carolina Mountains was the homeland of the Curase-Creeks and Tokasee-Creeks (Culasee, Tuckabatchee) who are extremely tall, brawny and have freckles.
  • The Paiute People have a tradition that red-haired giants once occupied their region of Utah.  They required enormous amounts of meat to survive.  When the red-haired giants couldn’t find game, they hunted and ate humans.  Parawan Gap is located in the region of the red haired giants.  Many of the petroglyphs there are identical to those engraved on the Judaculla Stone in North Carolina.  Some of the petroglyphs in the Nacoochee Valley have these same symbols, but most of Georgia’s petroglyphs are like those in southern Scandinavia and southwestern Ireland.
  • All of the Totonac (aka Teotihuacano) deities required regular human sacrifices for food. Most of these sacrifices were made on mountaintops. At the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the flesh of Aztec sacrificial victims was distributed to the elite and warriors.  Some festivals involved the distribution of sacrificial victims to almost all citizens in the form of a hominy stew, called pozole.   In contrast,  most of the flesh of Totonac sacrificial victims was distributed to the people.  The most important religious festival each year involved the selection of 20 teenage boys and girls in each district.  The victims were told that they would become gods after death.  Their flesh would be eaten by their neighbors in a grand feast.
  • All of the city of Teotihuacan is aligned to an ancient temple complex at the top of Cerro Gordo, which is currently being excavated by archaeologists.  This strongly suggests that the temple (or at least an early form of the temple) existed before the grand city of Teotihuacan was laid out.  Teotihuacan was built in order to serve the giants living on top of Teotihuacan.   A ceremonial road that connecting the plaza in front of the Pyramid of the Sun to the temple on top of Cerro Gordo can still be seen today and driven on by four-wheel drive vehicles.

Poster from the 1980s SciFi TV Series . . . V.  The aliens promised humans a better life . . . until it was their turn to be eaten.

Clearly visible on the latest 3D satellite images are the ruins of a large town, which once sat atop Cerro Gordo.  It is to the southeast of the ancient temple complex.  This is where the “giants” of Mesoamerican folklore lived.  Perhaps there were other mountaintop towns in the Americas, occupied by kinsmen of the giants.  Indeed, even the Cherokees have a legend of the Appalachians once being occupied by Nûñnë’hï, who once lived in great mountaintop villages, but now were a spirit people

Scene from “To Serve Man” – Twilight Zone

This supersized race of humans convinced the indigenous people around the Teotihuacan Valley that they were gods, who had control of the sun and the rain.  The giants promised the indigenous people of Mexico a better life in which there would be plenty of food and the pleasures of an advanced civilization, if they submitted to the complete authority of the giants.   The giants created an aqueduct to bring the water gushing up in the crater of Cerro Gordo down to the valley.  They turned the slopes of Cerro Gordo into a vast complex of agricultural terraces.  They surveyed out the valley into a grid, whose intersections were marked by solar crosses, pecked onto stone slabs. 

All the people had to do  was to build great pyramids to honor the false gods,  regularly bow down in submission to the false gods and keep the false gods well supplied with a high protein diet composed of the children of Teotihuacan.  The sacrificial victims would be rewarded by becoming gods themselves and living in paradise for eternity.  In essence, Teotihuacan was initially developed as both a factory livestock operation and an elaborate temple complex to feed the supersized egos of supersized humans. 

“To Serve Man”

Astonishingly, there were two highly popular TV shows in the late 20th century, which had the same plot as the scamsters on top of Cerro Gordo.  The 1980s series, V, was based on a similar plot to that of the scamsters on Cerro Gordo.  The “Visitors” promised to end warfare on earth, created a bounty of food so no human would ever be hungry again and end disease by providing free healthcare.  Nothing was asked of humans other than several hundred thousand humans a year being transported to the mother planet for advanced education.   Actually, the volunteers were cryovaced at food processing plants on Earth then transported to supermarkets on the mother planet.

A particularly popular one hour program in the Twilight Zone series of the 1960s came even closer to the plot of Cerro Gordo.  It was entitled, “To Serve Man,”  In its plot, a big brained giant emerged from a flying saucer as the official ambassador to the United Nations of an advanced civilization on another planet.  He carried with him a black book with strange writing on it.   He eventually explained that the title of the book meant “To Serve Man.”   He claimed to read sections of this sacred book to spellbound audiences.  It was obviously an extraterrestrial version of the Holy Bible.  He was preaching a universal religion that would bring all the divisions of humanity together.

Soon, Evangelical Christians and faithful Jews proclaimed the big-brained giant to be the Messiah.  Muslims proclaimed him to be the Mahdi.  A new era of world peace is at hand.  Large flying saucers land across the Earth to take thousands of the world leaders to the mother planet to be educated in the new religion and technology of the big-brained giants.  As the president of the United States is about to board a saucer, a woman professor, who somehow was able to translate the text within the alien visitor’s sacred book races up to the airport, screaming for the delegation not to get on the spacecraft.  She shouts to him . . .  “To Serve Man . . . It’s a cook book!” . . . .  but she is too late.


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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    Richard, Thanks for another Great article. Lacking in the atheist “thesis” not proven in 300 years are those Giant bones? One has to wonder what happen to peoples minds after all these Atomic bombs tests…that they would forget “Take heed no man deceive you”. If we take all the man sized skulls today and put them on a table… we could fool most highly educated Graduates again.


      Richard, I’m almost certain that these Super sized mega brain people lived in Antarctica till a massive climate change occurred and forced them out. With all the protein they could eat down there they got mega big and also perhaps with something else they were eating there perhaps extinct…as for the Supersized people of Argentina I don’t remember any man eating lore on them. The mega stonework appears to be a fact they were crossing the Atlantic at least. The “Hi” sound seems to be connected to an advanced people both in Ireland and the South east?

      • Geneticists at the University of Copenhagen recently traced the blond-red hair gene in Scandinavians to an immigration of people from the southern tip of Iran after the Indus Valley Civilization collapsed. It is interesting that the indigenous chickens of Peru and Chile have been traced to the original domesticated chicken in the Indus Valley . . . not the Polynesian chicken.


    Hey Mr. Thornton my name is Ace Ameson. I have been wanting to reach you for some time now. I grew up and around the Cove on the Flint River in Woodbury Ga. 5 generations of my family have lived on the same 100 acres. know the area around the Flint as good if not better than any one. I recently read one of your articles about a possible mound in the Cove. Just wanted to let you know that you are more right than you could have even imagined. About 5 years ago I found an odd stone while cleaning up some land that I had inherited and it turned out to be a step, my curiosity led me to excavate another step. What started out as a hobby has now became an obsession and it has brought me to where I am now. I Have found thousands of artifacts, pottery, game stones, bone jewelry, ax’s, tomahawks, groundnstone tools, Spears, arrowheads ranging from 1000 a.d to 10000 b.c. I have found thousands of feet of rock walls, terrraces, steps all which a part of what I believe to be a massive Native American city. The more I unearth the more I realized that I I have not even begin to scratch the surface of what I have found. It’s beyond me now and what I am capable of and I believe you are the one that is supposed to help me see this thru. I believe it is too import of a find and needs to be protected. Your research on the Cove, Flint River, and healing waters of warm springs has been very helpful. I can’t wait to show you what I have found. Randal Carlson has been one of the other few people I have shared any of this with and has been an inspirational help so far as I believe you will also. Hope to hear back from you, thank you Ace Amerson. My email is

    • Please Ace! Could you send us copies of any photos that you might have of the stone structures. We are trying to understand and protect such special places as the Cove. You seem to be one of the few people, who care. Our regular email address is


        I cant begin to tell you how excited I was to see this just now. I kept looking for an email and didn’t even think to come back here to look for a response. And yes for sure, I can’t wait to show you what I found at your mound/pyramid at the Cove. I went back again last week. The place is absolute magic! Tomorrow I’ll send you some pics of everything I have been finding. I have so many questions and so much to share with you! What started out as a hobby has now became something so much more. Thank you for your years of research and imagination and brain power. It’s been so helpful! I’m so happy that their is someone else out there loves and cares about protecting this stuff as much as I do.


    Richard, enjoyed the jog down memory lane having saw those sci-fi flicks when they actually came out (did not the blood thirsty aliens actually move to Washington and continue their human sacrifice utilizing the poor and disenfranchised?)-do you think this could have been ‘counter measures’ to discredit the rumors of that time period involving a “Val Thor” alien that allegedly visited Eisenhower but whose mission, according to several other and unrelated documents, some of which are declassified government documents (don’t discount them, in total, unless you have actually read them), “failed” due to resistance on the part of the “Christian” community, national and capitalist interests??? Even if one did not believe any of this-the reasons to discredit are sound.

    Just finished reading a quantum physics work by Dr. Jude Currivan where she references the Hindu Sanskrit word “maya” in relationship to multidimensional conscience as well as the illusory physical world… Do you have thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • Maya is the Late Medieval Spanish version of a word, which would be written Maia in phonetic English. It is derived from the indigenous word Mai-am, which means “Elite Strong – Place of”. Mayiam was a province on the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in the early 1500s, when the region was invaded by the Spanish. The Mayas never called themselves the Mayas.


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