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White female control of Cultural Resource agencies and archaeology firms

White female control of Cultural Resource agencies and archaeology firms

A basic precept of the Spiritual Path of the Muskogean Peoples is that women and men are equal in all things and should treat each other as sisters and brothers in all matters. If you are not convinced by the daily headlines already that mainstream America has gone whacko, this exposé should clinch the deal.

Keep in mind that all of these shenanigans are being funded by your tax money, even when the participants are waving miniature American flags and shouting privatization. The latter term just means that your tax money goes to management and stockholders, rather than government employees.

There really is a difference in the Muskogean way of life. I didn’t realize it until I was suddenly single, returned to the Atlanta Area and joined Roswell United Methodist Church in Roswell, GA.  At the time this church had over 1200 single adult members. The church even supported a counseling department, composed of professionals with dual doctorates in theology and either psychology or social work. One Sunday, a minister-psychologist gave our 85 member Sunday School class a test to see how we related to the opposite gender.

All the men, except me, in reality viewed women as an additional sports car for their garage, a paid escort and concubine or a surrogate mother. Over half the women viewed men as “the Enemy.” The rest viewed men as either cash cows or surrogate daddies. Then the psychologist announced the one exception . . . “Richard relates to women in his life as if they were his sisters.” All the spoiled, materialistic, Caucasian females in the class simultaneously grunted “E-u-u-u, that’s gross.”

The counselor thought otherwise. He said that a brother always puts the welfare of his sister before his own.

Their negative response didn’t bother me a bit. Most had already stated that they wouldn’t date a man unless he spent a hundred dollars on the first date and made over $125,000 a year. Even back then when architects had plenty of work, practically none made that sort of money.

Two competing heresies

Already, two competing political movements were gathering steam that would ultimately screw up the United States and in some situations, other parts of the world. Both had originated in the aftermath of the defeat of the United States in Viet Nam, but really did not become visible political forces until the 1990s.

Looking back at the late 1990s, it seems now to be an idyllic time in America. The economy was booming. Most middle class citizens saw their lifestyle steadily improving. We were at peace and the federal budget was eventually balanced. However, for male and female control freaks it was a time when they felt “things were out of control.”

Many white upper middle class and upper class male control freaks adopted a delusion that “the government” was the reason that they were “unhappy” and personally felt out of control. Their delusional dream was that if everyone worked for a corporation then there would be no need for government. Even educational systems would be privatized.

White female control freaks were less visible then but they had a delusional dream too. They thought that men were the cause of all problems, especially their own neuroses. They didn’t want to do away with government. They wanted to control government!

I was in the grandstands on this one, because these women would come out to our farm for “rituals” of their sisterhood. It was only very late in the marriage, while living by then in Virginia that I stumbled upon irrefutable evidence that this “sisterhood” was really in the realm of the horned serpent – Caucasian witches with university and postgraduate degrees.

To show you how powerful the Sisterhood was even 30 years ago . . . There was a gal in her mid-20s with a 4-year degree in art, who was working for a printing company in Asheville, NC for minimum wage. She had never lived anywhere, but Asheville.

Suddenly, she stopped coming out to the farm for meetings and rituals. I was told that she was now the Executive Secretary of the Mayor of Boston. She soon married one of the Boston City Council members.

Private sector archaeology gets gobbled up

The “brave new corporate world” types were far more successful in devouring archaeology firms that they were in breaking the will of the independent architects, civil engineers and surveyors. Between 1997 and 2002, I saw most of the archaeology firms in our region gobbled up by big interstate engineering firms. The powers that be were tired of seeing major construction projects delayed by archaeologists. By having the archaeologists work for the highway designers, they would be assured that no archaeologist would slow down the bulldozers . . . if he or she wanted to keep their job.

Then, around 2004, I started seeing something very strange happening at the remaining archaeology firms. First, they became much bigger, with branch offices in several states and started offering services that they really were not qualified to do – like historic preservation. Then, around 2006, one by one, there were announcements that the male CEO of the firm had given the firm to his wife or daughter – or perhaps has “sold” the firm to a team of female employees. Henceforth, the firm was advertised as a “female managed and owned” cultural resource management firm.

If the announcements said “female Native American” owned, I would have gotten more excited, but these changes just seemed to be shell games. There are many fine female archaeologists, but why make such a big deal of it?

I soon found out what was going on. For over two decades, the Sisterhood had been cutting political deals with the Democrats to get their members in government. They had focused on positions in Natural and Cultural Resources that issued consultant contracts, but their leaders were not satisfied with the level of power their members had in the Deep South. They jumped ship and offered block support to Georgia’s Republicans in return for a certain percentage of department and division director positions.

Henceforth, if an archaeology firm wanted to get a state or federal government contract, they would need to be a female owned firm.
In reality, the government these women have created is just communism or fascism under a different label. Instead of the most qualified person getting the job or the most qualified firm getting the contract, it is now, being member of a certain group that guarantees receipt of the taxpayers money.

Well, I found out the hard way. In late summer of 2007, the manager of Etowah Mounds State Historic Site called me up on his personal cellular phone as he was going home for the day. He had seen my book on Etowah Mounds while visiting Oklahoma and wanted to start selling it at the museum shop. He asked if I could drop by five copies and he would pay me on the spot. I told him that I had a construction inspection in Cartersville at 9 AM the next day. Could I come by before the museum opened? He said yes.

The next morning around 8:30, we were in the midst of making the business transaction, when an African-American chauffeur drove a  black car drove up to the front door and parked in the no parking zone.  What was this?  A 21st century version of “Driving Miss Daisy?”

The chauffeur opened the door for the passenger and she marched in like she was a queen. She was a middle aged woman with bleached blond hair. I had no clue, who she was, but the manager turned pale as a ghost. She announced “I AM THELMA LU KUYKENDAHL!” (not her real name.) She ordered the manager into his office. When he came out, he told me that the Etowah Mounds Museum would not be allowed to sell either my books or my pottery.

Etowah Mounds Historic Site was about 35 miles from the lady’s office. Obviously, that means that state law enforcement was already taping my personal phone, when the manager called me. Otherwise, the female administrator would not known about the book sale on such short notice.  So a senior administrator of the State of Georgia spent hundreds of dollars of taxpayer money in her time, her chaffeur’s time and gasoline to make a grand gesture to prove that she was the queen.   My total profit on the transaction would have been about $10.

After the manager left state employment, I learned that this new appointed state executive apparently had blacklisted me because she was a member of the Sisterhood and they knew what I knew. However, in general, she was encouraging only female authors to be added to the bookshelves of state parks and museums.

Soon the lady would also ban any books by Creek authors, but promote books by female Cherokee authors. That’s another story. In the years that followed she found ways to dismiss dozens of male administrative employees and replace them with females. You better believe that the new administrators only hire female-owned archaeology firms.

The cowboy forest ranger

There is one more true story that exemplifies why government at the federal level has also gotten so screwed up. During the spring of 2010, I was living in campsites at various locations in the North Carolina Mountains. Former National Park Service director, Roger Kennedy, was sending me checks to subsidize a search for the actual routes followed by Hernando de Soto and Juan Pardo. I was bothering nobody, breaking no laws and keeping myself clean and well-groomed.

A bizarre US Forest Service law enforcement ranger was increasingly harassing me. He wore a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, not standard USFS LEO apparel. He always had one or two teenage boys in his US government SUV. For obvious reasons, that also seemed rather suspicious.

The cowboy forest ranger set up an elaborate entrapment (complete with hidden night vision video cameras) at my camp site, while I was off photographing Native American village sites one day. He offered to tear up the tickets issued to three elderly Viet Nam veterans for drinking beer in the national forest, if they could entice me to drink beer, drink whiskey or smoke marijuana. I refused their offers, but when the amiable veterans got stoned, they spilled the beans to me. They also confirmed my suspicions about the ranger and the teenage boys.

Furious, I went into town to the county library the next morning to look up administrative contacts in the US Forest Service. This LEO ranger was a deranged pervert, who needed to behind bars. The librarian immediately knew who I was talking about.  This man was one of several federal employees that the folks in Western North Carolina had been trying to get rid of for years.   It didn’t matter which political party was in power,  these people were protected both by people high up in the federal bureaucracy and by a compound of wealthy women, who had moved to that county from California several years ago.

The librarian helped me access a website that showed the photos, names and positions of USFS administrative personnel. At least, six of the senior female administrators in the North Carolina and Southeastern Regional Offices of the US Forest Service, had come out to our firm regularly for “Sisterhood” rituals during the 1980s. There could have been others, for whom I didn’t remember their faces or names. Oh S&$#!

And now you know!

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Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. However, that was not always the case. While at Georgia Tech Richard was the first winner of the Barrett Fellowship, which enabled him to study Mesoamerican architecture and culture in Mexico under the auspices of the Institutio Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Dr. Roman Piňa-Chan, the famous archaeologist and director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, was his fellowship coordinator. For decades afterward, he lectured at universities and professional societies around the Southeast on Mesoamerican architecture, while knowing very little about his own Creek heritage. Then he was hired to carry out projects for the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Oklahoma. The rest is history. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. In 2009 he was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial at Council Oak Park in Tulsa. He is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.



    I believe you and appreciate your courage for speaking out. I’ll continue praying for you and will include requests for your protection, as well. 🙂

    • Very sweet comment Angela. I try to inform Native Americans about what goes on behind the scenes in government and professions so they can better plan their own programs to avoid “land mines.” I will be beating my drums for you.



    Thank you, again, for shining light on the sorry state of things. We remain in the throes of strong delusion,… but one day…



    I completely believe you. One of my professors a few years back was a practicing witch. I was the only professing Christian in her class. In every single class session she would try to bait me into a debate in front of the class. But when she realized I was simply a follower of Jesus, and not the rules of man (i.e. denominational rules not in the Bible) she would get very frustrated. “You don’t argue like a normal Christian,” she quipped. I think most of the “sisterhood” sees Christians as bible beating idiots. And I’m not. I don’t follow rules. I follow Jesus. Plain and simple.
    I miss the days when it was acceptable to act like a lady. Even though I’m a child of the 60s/70s, I long for the days when women could be feminine and pretty and soft and not be considered weak.
    Great post, as always!

    • And I believe you! You know Karla, I had a former girlfriend, who was in graduate school (music). She had straight A’s and B’s – mostly A’s. All she lacked for graduation was her recital. The head of the department was into the occult and kept her from doing her recital for over six years, until the university fired her. My girlfriend was instantly allowed to perform by the next department head and scored an A+.


      Thank you Karla! You explain the difference in modern Christians and followers of Jesus perfectly. I grew up in a church full of modern Christians and those rules, they would turn away children not dressed (appropriately) and judge others as filthy, all the while hiding their own filth. I knew as a kid it was wrong, that’s not what Jesus taught.. I live in the Bible belt, its hard to find anyone of the same mind as me thank you for reassuring me there are others not ignorantly following whats clearly wrong.. And thank you Richard for sharing! I’m ignorant in alot of ways, as we’re the elders that taught me wrong, but I know right from wrong, and I will stand for whats right..


    So what your saying is most men think their ex-wife is a witch but some are actually right? Haha

    In my experience knowledge (true knowledge) is a very bright light. I refer to those lurking in the dark corners playing deception games as Shadow Walkers. Shine the light on them and they disappear with the Shadows. The story of Jesus (or Buddha and many others like them) is a narrative as old as humanity. If you’re not a child of the light you’re a child of darkness; either speaking truth and bringing people together or creating conflict through lies and causing division. Some carry a sacred torch (or flame) and keep it burning. Others . . . not so much.


    While I agree with much of the content I would put forth another view regarding “control”. As I see it, the problem is not one born of government nor corporate control, but one of both working in unison. We know this as fascism. The fact that corrupted individuals, many with extreme feminist tendencies are at the helm is a given.

    Kudos for your always interesting views here!

    • I agree. I am certainly not a woman hater. Both my mother and sister were graduates of major universities and highly respected by those that know them. However, neither my mother or sister could possibly be called manipulative.


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