The objective of the People of One Fire is the Study, Preservation and Promotion of Muskogean culture

The focus of the organization’s activities is scholarly, scientific research into the past. However, if the membership becomes aware of criminal acts, inappropriate activities or inaccurate history involving Native American culture, heritage sites, human remains or artifacts, the People of One Fire will publicize such activities and actively cooperate with appropriate governmental agencies to cause such activities to cease.

Membership in the People of One Fire is open to all persons of Native American heritage, whose ancestors formed the federally and state recognized Muskogean tribes. These ethnicities include Muskogean, Yuchi, Natchez, Shawnee, Maya, Totonac, Pima, Taino, Biloxi, Catawba, Toasi-Arawak, Westo and Calusa.  Also welcomed as scholastic members are anyone else interested in the study of the Southeastern Native American peoples.

There are no membership fees. Individual members from time to time, who are able, voluntarily contribute funds to support the organizations’ activities. At present, the People of One Fire is not a certified non-profit organization, but may become so in the near future.

Members are encouraged to share research discoveries with others as soon as possible, so that this new information will accelerate the research of others. It is long held belief of the Muskogean peoples that knowledge and learning are a gift of the Master of Life, not a commodity to be hoarded or hidden.

The People of One Fire as an organization will not become involved in partisan political activities, tribal elections or public demonstrations. It may from time to time state public opinions concerning political issues directly related to the welfare or heritage of the indigenous peoples of North America. The role of individual members in such activities is strictly in the realm of their own opinions and preferences.

Any member who uses the names or email addresses of People of One Fire members to promote the interests of a political party, political candidate or advertising agency will be immediately struck from the membership list and permanently banned from any future participation in the organization.

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