The Navaho

Book Review: “The Navaho” by Clyde Klukhohn and Dorothy Leighton
The Navaho

The Navaho by Clyde Kluckhohn and Dorothea Leighton is a comprehensive study of the Navaho Indians, exploring their history, culture, social life, and the challenges they face in today’s world. The authors utilize their expertise in anthropology and psychiatry to provide an in-depth analysis of Navaho society and the influences that have shaped their way of life. The book is a result of a collaboration between the University of Chicago and the United States Office of Indian Affairs, and it serves as a testament to the value of interdisciplinary research.

The Navaho covers a wide range of topics, including the tribe’s history from archaeological times to the present, their social life and relationships with other races, their economy, religious beliefs and practices, language, and the challenges they face in education and interaction with whites. The authors present an impartial discussion of the government’s administration of the Navaho people, offering insights into broader issues of race relations and colonial questions.

The book has received praise from various sources, with Anne Richards of the New York Times noting that the collaboration between the anthropologist and medico-psychiatrist has been “fortunate” and that the book teaches a “salutary lesson that majority culture patterns are not self-justifying.” G. H. S. Bushnell from Nature also commended the book for its “useful, though necessarily limited, study of culture contact, based on intimate knowledge.” Other reviewers have appreciated the book’s sympathetic and unbiased approach to understanding the Navaho people and their struggles.

Clyde Kluckhohn was a renowned anthropologist and professor at Harvard University, while Dorothea Leighton was a respected psychiatrist. Their extensive research and commitment to understanding the Navaho culture make this book an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Navaho Indians, the Southwest, anthropology, sociology, or race relations.

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